Couch to 5K

W7 R1,2,3 *\o/*

I've not posted for a while but I have been running, honest!

I completed W7 R3 yesterday, I knackered myself out though, I done intervals of 10.5mph but pushed it for a minute at a time, may not sound like very long, but jeez it is when you're sprinting. I completed the run anyway and was relieved to see that final minute counting down.

I enjoyed the run but need to start venturing outside for my runs, There isn't anywhere I could run for 25 - 30 mins without stopping for traffic, or to think about where else I could run, so have stuck to the treadmill for the past 7wks (attempting one run outside, failed and not done it since)

Anyway week 8 starts Monday, 28 mins here I come!

Race for Life on 15th July in memory of my mum, who passed away last August (she completed the RfL last June and got out of her wheelchair to walk over the finish line), my daughter and I promised we'd do it this year if she wasn't here. I could run it thanks to C25K but my 11yo may not appreciate it as she hasn't had the same training. :/

I'll check in on Monday - for now I'm off to celebrate my 42nd (belated) birthday (Thursday 28th) with my family. Fooooooodddd :P

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Happy belated 21st 21st


Haha thank you x


Well done on your latest success!

Here's a big encouragement and support for your Race for Life - your Mum would be proud of you! What a brave woman she was. I hope you have a great day.


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