W7 final run

W7 R3 done - sort of did a fourth run (failed first run) back last week, the gym one where I forgot the iPod.

So I am technically ready to start W8 on Saturday.

I know now from all of you and from my own experience to trust the programme but at this moment I don't know where I am going to get the extra 3 mins from. I am really done in at the end of 25 mins. When Laura suggests you speed up for the last minute, I try like a little battery operated toy whose wee wheels keep spinning round but on thick carpet not going anywhere. I just don't have anything in me to go any faster.

I'll let anyone interested know how it goes after the weekend! W8 - I'm still coming for you!

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  • You can just ignore her.. she only says it to try to spur you on, she won't be offended.

    Take it really slow and take it steady and you may find you have a little something left for that minute:)

    Just really pace yourself, it is not a race... and that extra few minutes? They are hidden deep down inside you..just waiting to show themselves.:)

    You can do this... I shall watch for your post :)

  • What a wonderful description of that feeling when your legs are really tired - I have definitely been there! Once I worked out that if I needed to it was fine to slow down rather than speed up at the end I was much more confident I could finish and when I'd found a run hard going I made myself go (even!) slower right through. It's much more enjoyable that way :-)

  • You didn't fail the first run of the week, to use the phrase Irish John coined, you just practised!

    Love your attitude on Week 8. You're had much bigger jumps in previous weeks in terms of adding time on to your runs. Go slow and try to pace yourself and you'll be fine - you know it too! :)

  • As Oldfloss says, keep it slow and steady and you'll be fine. The programme works and each run prepares you for the next one. But your attitude is fab and will carry you through to the end 😊

  • Just run your own run :) It's a great programme but remember they had to kind of do it as a 'one size fits all' thing - and most of us are not 'average' anyway.

    We are far more than that - wonderfully unique! :)

    Take it slow...and then slow down some more. Nobody does anything perfectly the first time anyway, if you get the speed you don't get the incremental stamina, if you get the stamina you let go of the speed, if you try speed and stamina first time...you probably lose control of your bowels and that is not nice for the road sweeper is it? After all - he has a Mum who wants to know all about his day too when he gets home! ;)

    just take it easy and look at it like something that may or may not be just another practice run ;)

  • I sometimes feel your mind knows your going to stop at 25 minutes so your body starts to prepare to stop running in the last few minutes. When you know in your mind that you're going to run for 28 minutes your mind will carry your body those extra 3 minutes. I felt the same and now my mind knows it stops at 5k as that's what I set myself up for. If I say I'm only going to run a mile then my body is ready to stop at a mile even though I know I can run further. I really think it is all in the mind so you will probably surprise yourself come week 8. Good Luck and more importantly try to enjoy it, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

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