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Week 9 Run 2 - Farewell to the Treadmill


...at least for a couple of weeks anyway. Completed my penultimate run early this morning, before jumping in the car and setting off on my travels.

So the graduation run and all post-grad runs over the next two weeks are going to be outside.

That’s a bit scary - running outside seems a bit easier than the (5 degree incline) treadmill, but both outside runs so far have left me nursing sore muscles for a couple of days afterwards.

This morning’s run was another fairly routine one - not easy, but not a killer either, and I did manage to keep going for one extra minute. Just a token effort, but I want to get used to the idea of doing more than 30 mins, which I’ll need to do if I am going to hit 5k.

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Well done 🏃‍♂️ happy travels, don't forget our postcard x


Enjoy your graduation run outside!

Incline of 5 😳oh that's high. No wonder I struggled from transition from treadmill to outdoors as I only had tread on 1 incline oops

Maybe you need to slow down outdoors this maybe why your sore? I went too fast outside and ended up with sore hips for days afterwards

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I think 1 degree is correct, but my treadmill is pretty basic so only has two settings - flat and 5 degrees. Also, I ran for the first few weeks of the programme on a 5 degree incline without realising (oops!), so by then was kind of used to it. The advantage of course is that outdoors then seems relatively flat and a bit easier.

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Definitely an advantage for you and no transition struggle now as you've done the hardest 😊

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And I think it’s the variability of the surface that brought all those extra muscles into play. Just have to get used to it I guess.


Enjoy the graduation run and your travels.

Go Hoagy!!! Enjoy every minute of your graduation run 😊😊


Great post - well done. I’ve read that a lot of people find it easier on the treadmill so interesting that you’re the opposite. Mind you, an incline like that would be terrifying to me.

Good luck with your last run of the programme 👍


I think outside is just more varied so your body has to constantly adjust. Enjoy your graduation run...Well earned 😀

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Yeah exactly that, I think


I found that I ran faster when I got off the treadmill so you may need to slow it down a bit. I graduated with 4 km and only 10% can do 5 so don’t worry about distance until your consolidation runs after graduation. One run to go in a new place - v exciting

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Yeah don’t think I ran faster outside, and am not concerned about exactly when I get 5k. My plan is to keep gently (keeping to the rule of 10% a week) increasing the duration of my runs and let the distance increase naturally. People have said that if you do that, your pace tends to increase too. It would be nice if I can get to 5k by the end of this two week break - I think I’ll be close, but we’ll see...

Well done you. I agree treadmill is easier and like you the muscles just above my knees give me jip when been outside. Enjoy your travels and new scenery 😁

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