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Week 1 Session 3

Have to say am just putting off the moment. Been to buy a sports bra today - could not get a decent one that fitted and supported me so bought a pair from Asda and am wearing them both and they seem to be doing a better job than any of the others I tried on at 3 times the price just for one. Run 2 went better than I thought lets hope Run 3 does too!! Right enough procrastinating off I go!!

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good luck!


Thanks it went well - still dubious about starting wk 2 yet as wk 1 was not that easy - I have been recording my run/walks on a pedometer and I can see the improvement in consistency over the 3 runs - much more even peaks and troughs not so jagged - ie the walking and running speeds were maintained over the 60 or 90 seconds - quite impressive.


Well done Lambykin, keep up the good work. By the way nothing wrong with Asda Sports bra I wear them too. The other place you will get a good one is Primark, £8 they really are brilliant, its a new range out and work wonders.

Come in white with a little silver/grey trim also black with little red trim.


I got a black one with pink trim from Primark for a fiver - it's so good I just bought another one!


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