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Hi All

Just completed run 1 of week 3, now for the questions.

1 I covered less distance than week2? 1.86 miles this week 1.49 miles?

2 I don't feel as tired either, my pace changed to 4mph rather than 5mph last week (not as sweaty)

3 I noticed that my left foot seems to land on the outside of the foot and toes (only when I am on a treadmill) no problems when running wild!

I am enjoying it. I would like your thoughts and comments.


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Don't worry about distance or speed at this point - until graduation it's all about the time. You'll have some days quicker than others - that's normal. And distances will vary with that and with the different amounts of running and walking. If you're running all the running bits, that's all that's needed :)


Trust the's amazing. You'll have easier runs...and harder ones, but any run is positive. Slow and steady is'll work out the best speed for you as you move through the weeks.

Some weeks you won't run as much as the last run of the previous week, but you will be building stamina.

I'm now about to start week 7...can't quite believe it'll look back at how far you've come before long.

Good luck with the rest of C to 5k!

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Well done wizzbang...

Slowing down helped you get through it without getting too puffed.😊 Sounds better, don't worry at all about the distance at this stage its all about completing the runs to build stamina.

If you found R1 a bit too easy you could try tweaking the treadmill up to 4.5or so BUT this is not necessary. If you are doing a running motion that is fast enough...

You could try going to a proper running shop for gait analysis to make sure you are wearing the correct running shoe for your action.

Keep going you are doing great. 😊


Don't worry about it :) We are not robots after all :) Good days, not so good days - anything and everything can affect a run. Heck - I ran two and half miles no problem after a break of a month, then two days later breezed 5K...and two days after that barely made 2.4k and felt like battered ratcrap LOL :)

Stamina is what its about and especially in the earlier stages. Main thing is to enjoy it all on at least some level and not get hung up on the Stats. Even the Ocean Bolty guy over there has 'slow' days ;)


Well done, and yes I agree , slow and steady is the way to progress through the programme. Pace and distance can be worked on ( if you wish ) at a later date.

Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx


Don't worry about it, as everyone else says. As for landing on the outside of your foot, I do that too with both feet and all the time! I would suggest getting a gait analysis sometime soon if you haven't already. I ended up with proper cushioned shoes which work for the way I run and made all the difference to the niggles I had before I got proper running shoes.


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