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Julie replaced Laura for my first Parkrun and got me a PB!

Well, I'd had a bad week. Hectic at work, evening events 3 nights (work related) and a headache since Tuesday. I put that down to the weather, eating badly due to the silly hours and silly hours working.

However, I promised myself I was going to do my first Parkrun.

This morning I really didn't want to do it. I took tablets for my headache. I did everything really slowly. I kept making excuses.

But somehow I found myself in my car driving towards the park with a barcode in my pocket. I was really nervous but I made myself go up to the various people in hi-vis tops and they were really nice and welcoming and explained how it works.

I hadn't taken my ipod and headphones for some reason, so this was my first run without Laura. Ok, so I should have moved away from Week 9 by now but I haven't, in fact I've been listening to it for all my runs. But that was the hardest bit as I was aware I wasn't pacing myself properly and felt quite tired quite early. I needed to find my own pace again and for some reason the 'Julie' song popped into my head. Probably as it's the one I've heard the most as it was in week 8 & 9. Unfortunately (?) I couldn't remember all the words or even the music, just the chorusy 'I don't really care' or whatever the words are which got changed in my head to 'I am going to finish, yes I really really am'. After the first of the two loops I realised I needed the loo so those word imaginatively changed to 'I don't need the loo'.

Anyway, it worked and after a rubbish week I found myself sprinting to the end, racing two other women to the joy of everyone who'd already finished and I clocked my best ever time of 28.45. So maybe I did need to go faster than usual at the start. And maybe I am a runner now. And maybe that 'Julie' song is now my running anthem.

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Brilliant! What a fantastic time. Iam not brave enough yet to attempt a Parkrun but that may be because my time is VERY much slower than yours! I have been headachey this week too. So draining. Very well done :)


Thanks v much! Still glowing and very smug about it ;)

Do try a Parkrun as it was really chilled and welcoming. And you are only racing yourself - looking at the results from everyone at mine there were a couple of people over an hour so it really is for everyone.


WOW well done with your first now have another goal ... one of their red "50" club T shirts !!!!


You've just made me laugh out loud!! But then again, if you'd told me this time last year that I'd be running and enjoying it I'd have fallen off the couch I was so comfortably slobbing on!


Well done and an impressive time - first Parkrun can be daunting but you seem to have fitted in well. I'm still lurking on the website looking at finishing times of people (most around to 30-35 min mark and seem old hands judging on numer of Parkruns) waiting until my time is nearly on a par, I don't want to come in last and knackered!


I did my first Parkrun on Saturday and came in last and knackered at 40:05! :-) But it was fantastic and even though I will probably be last for the next couple of months, I am going to keep going because;

1.) I WILL get that red tshirt

2.) I'm going to get a better and better time each week

3.) It makes my shoes muddy so I look like a proper runner. lol.


Very well done. A superb time!


And the award for Best Use of 'That' Song goes to....


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