Week 9 and my first run over and done with. I still am running slow though so I don't make it all the way to the 5K mark. Suggestions?

I'm not crying about this because by god I just ran for 30 minutes straight today for the first time! I had a look online at a program to find out how far I had gone and I ran 3.487 (roughly)k today. Well, I was happy first of all that I managed to run the full 30 minutes, but now I am starting to think about how can I make myself run faster? I'm basically jogging but intentionally going only at my own pace so I can complete the runs. Maybe it's the music? The final song on week 9 completely shocked my system in a good way actually making me want to dance...which seemed to lengthen my stride for some reason.

I know that after the next two runs I will graduate and I have never felt so amazingly good about myself. I know I'll keep running til I can make a full 5K without stopping...but does anyone have any suggestions on how to pick up your own pace?


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  • Well done for running for 30 minutes - and you've definitely got the right idea to go at a pace where you know you can complete the runs.

    If you felt comfortable when you finished, then you could try pushing yourself a LITTLE in the last 5 or 10 minutes of your next runs, depending on how you feel at that point. Don't overdo it!!

    Anyway, post-graduation you'll get to 5k at some point in the not too distant future and there are ways of increasing your speed.

    I'd suggest...

    1. One run a week build up the length of your run by 10% compared with the last long run you did - the distances you cover soon start increasing.

    2. Use the C25K+ podcasts. Try the Stepping Stones podcast first as it's the easiest. With all of them you run to the beat and this might help your speed a bit in itself, but the "Speed" podcast does what it says on the tin and gets you running faster. (By doing intervals)

    3. Join a parkrun if you can so you get an official time you can try to improve on as you improve.

    4. Continue extending your long run for longer than 5km - the idea is that if you can run further than 5km, then you'll run faster when you "only" do 5km.

    But when you do all this, remember it's NOT the be all and end all - you've done brilliantly to get to this stage and you'll almost certainly get to a point where you run because you love running. Don't push too hard when you are trying to improve because that can cause injury and set you a long way back.

    Happy running! :)

  • Wow! Thank you for such an amazing response :D I will definitely be looking into all your tips once I'm done with the third run on Friday!

  • Great tips Runningnearbeirut! Thanks for sharing.

  • Well done! I once heard that the definition of running is travelling on foot at a fast pace and run is linked to jog...so you are running. Speed isn't the be all and end all and you will challenge yourself enough

    when you feel ready. Good advise from runningnearberuit but all sorts affect pace, I've been running for years but the summer slows me down and due to commitment can't get out early morning or later evening so am struggling with the heat.

    You are a runner you move faster than walking pace. Well done and 'carry on running'

  • I'd argue that you are a runner when you can sustain a running *motion* never mind the pace.

  • Of course! My definition of running is "two feet off the ground at the same time" - that's how it's defined in Olympic walking races isn't it??! Never heard of anyone being disqualified for jogging?!

  • 'Jog is linked to run*' my eyesight!!

  • Congrats on your impending graduation!

    First, it's great that you have the goal of 5k to aim for- its important to keep goals after graduation so you feel like you have aims to achieve. I would also back up what runningbeirut said, build up distance slowly, without pressure to do it fast, that will help with endurance and stamina. And try the 'speed' podcast. I try to do it once a week, it's really challenging but it works- I am on my way to a sub 30min 5k thanks to it.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi ,well done! and your distance is normal to all of us that completed week 9. I added 5 minutes to my runs on week 10 and week 11 ( I carried on the routine) then I was there.. 5k in 40 mins. Since then, I incrementally increased my time and distance up to 23k now! The further you go the more stamina you have to become so much faster in your short runs. The speed podcast is great for this and I suggest you use it on your park run too. You will be surprised at the results! Good luck :)

  • I know exactly what you mean about the final song making you lengthen your stride. I felt it too this morning. Like you I'm still a way off 5k but figure I'll get there eventually. Good luck with the rest of w9, we should graduate about the same time.

  • Well done. Can't add any more advice as it's all been great! Just to say that I decided on my second run of week 9 that I could go for the 5k, I was going to keep going to hit the target (I'm also around 3.5k for the 30 minutes) but I lengthened my stride just a little and injured myself. Being out with an injury is so frustrating, so please do make sure you're patient and don't try to get there too fast.

  • Well done on getting this far. I graduated at the end of March & have since done 2 5k events. The first was mainly on the flat or downhill and I did it in 37 minutes. The second had a lot of undulation and I was over 40 minutes. But didn't stop so I suggest you follow the other advice and build up slowly. I think intervals do help & I get that type of training & guidance once a week at Jog Scotland.

  • Personally I would say not to stress about time AND distance. If you are running for 5k OR 30 minutes you have effectively reached your goal. If you are short on distance, then rest assured that this will come with time.

    My most important piece of advice though is to ENJOY YOUR RUNNING. OK both you and I will probably never run in an Olympic games, but we can still enjoy our running. That surely, is THE most important thing.

    Take a sneaky peek at Youtube and watch some of the running clips. These will surely inspire you to keep getting out and running.

    Keep safe; keep running, and good luck.

  • I did W9R1 yesterday too and I'm quite a way off 5k, I'm not far off if you include the 10 minutes of walking! Last week my runs went quite well so I'd pause for about a minute after running 25 minutes then resume running until I'd completed a 5k circuit. Yesterday, after running for 30 minutes in the heat, I had absolutely nothing left, I could barely lift my feet so I headed straight for home.

    I had this Race for Life training plan emailed to me yesterday raceforlife.cancerresearchu... I think I'm going to follow it once I've done W9R3, not sure how I'll remember what to do without Laura telling me though!

  • Hi it took me about x3 weeks after running 30mins x 3 times per week to run 5ks - at 40.16.

    I just kept focussing on getting the length of time before I did the 5ks.

    I adding a k per month so that I can run 9k race in mid sept.

    And of course, like you I a bit on awe that I can call myself a runner, but a runner I am!

    Good luck

  • Hi ,Im not too concerned about my speed as yet, I am concentrating more in finishing the runs whilst still breathing and still standing up ! :-) What amazed me was the winning ladies finishing time in the Manchester 10k- she did it in 31 minutes 9 seconds ! I know she is a trained athlete , but 10k in 31 minutes, that is scarily fast ! :-) xxx

  • Hi, I did myW8 r1 run yesterday too. Like you I'm not the fastest but I still really canny believe that I can run for 30min. I had a check on my didstance was 3.57 so we are the same. I checked and with my 5 min walk before and after I'm just about the 5k. I think when I graduate I may try slightly longer route and just build up my time-well that is the plan. I definately think music can change how you run so I have been alternating the pod cast with my own music. It can make a difference to your pace - quickening but also slowing it . I've been googling running song at 160bpm but found some of these a little slow and others ok. Good luck for the next two.

  • Running 30 minutes non stop is an amazing achievement in itself. Pace comes with practice and you have all the time in the world.. And pace isn't everything... Your pace is what counts and your fitness levels are already amazing... You can run for a half hour without stopping... Not many people can do that!

    Runningnearbeirut is spot on.. ;£

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