Couch to 5K

W3 R3 and W4 R1

So, I was a little lax on the blogging thing, but only because I've been so busy, not because I haven't been running!

W3 R3 happened last Sunday and was kind of tough again. My calves cramped a little, not like the first run back, but it was still a bit more uncomfortable than usual. That intermittent click in my knee came back too - still nothing more than annoying - no pain.

So I took Monday and Tuesday off before tackling week 4 run 1 on Wednesday. I felt back on form on Wednesday - no calf pain and no clicks! I admit to being a bit scared of this run - it seemed like the last five minute run was going to be HARD, but I did make it through.

I LOVED the shorter cool down walk - I find the warmup and cooldown walks SO BORING, so I was quite happy to cut it short!

I'll be tackling W4 R2 tomorrow, pending everything going as planned. Then off to the zoo for an evening event!


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