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W4 R1 - Amazed

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I've just been out and completed my W4 R1 run and I'm just amazed at this programme. Each time there is a step up, I'm convinced it's going to be "one step beyond" my ability but again I managed it. Not quick and not pretty and my mantra for the last running section went something like "ouch, no I can't..... ouch, gonna... stop... soon" but I made it. Still loving reading everyone's posts; I run alone so it feels like my own running club.

This is also the first run where I didn't feel like my calves were going to stop me before my lungs. I've been running in Nike Frees and I believe they can be a bit harder on unfit calves.

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Brilliant, huge well done, that's a great feeling isn't it? :)

It really is and I'm already starting to see real changes both physically and mentally. After my run on Friday after work, I felt so positive and creative; usually it's knackered/semi-comatose!

And I don't think my thighs are wobbling quite so much either 😊

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VeganPyroGraduate in reply to The_Morrigan

:-) You should be proud of yourself

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Those runs that you struggle with the most are also most rewarding. You keep telling yourself 'this is it, I can't do it', but you keep going and going until you realise your run has finished. What a great feeling of accomplishment that is!

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good for you

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I'm same running on my own so this forum is my life saver!!! Keeps me motivated😄😄it is an amazing programme I am so shocked I got this far! Ok very slow🐢🐢run but still keep going!! Just did week8run 2 today😊 yahoo!!! Just 4 to go! If I can do this at 59 it gives hope to everyone😂😂enjoy & keep up the good work Phyllis

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The_Morrigan in reply to Pc59

Oh well done on your W8 R2 and for sharing Phyllis. You are nearly there! It really does give me some hope that through determination I might get as far as you.

I'll make like a 🐢 and just keep going for the rest of the week.

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No mighty about it YOU WILL!! Il be following you to keep you going😄😄happy running! X

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Yay! I did the same run today 😃. Like you, I really felt this one, but I. Did. It! I run on my own, too, so this forum is so good for me..just knowing that other people have done this or are doing it is so helpful mentally...

So congratulations to you, and best of luck for the next five weeks (we're nearly half way already!)

Hey - a running buddy! Well done on completing your run today, I can literally feel your pain.

Nice to hear from someone at the same point so I'll be keeping an eye on your progress for motivation. 🏃‍♀️

I am about to start week 3 run 1 and i have just been repeating the week 2 runs as i have been finding it hard (and a bit embarrasssing!) to be struggling so much! So well done on W4!! I think that these attractive runners I see much be into some sort of witchcraft anyway... I am more of a purple blob... :D

Hi Hannah - I don't think ive found any of the runs easy. Every single one has felt like a struggle and although I've managed all of them in a fashion first time so far, I repeated a couple of the runs because I felt I hadn't done it convincingly or "earned" it so not embarrassing at all. I'm trying to now trust that when it says I'm ready, I'll be ready for the next run and only repeat if I really can't manage it.

As long as we get there in the end, I won't mind at all if it's taken me a little bit longer! When you're doing your next run, you'll know you'll have an orange blob remotely cheerleading you along 😊.

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