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W3 R1- route planning fail

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Note to self... just because a hill doesn't look very steep on google maps does not mean it isn't steep in real life! 😫

So i manage both of the three minute runs but the last minute if my first run was on a moderate incline... the hardest part of the run, just as I was struggling and the road started to incline! Ooops BUT i completed the 3 minutes and was very proud...

But then I turned the corner and was faced with a huge and very steep hill. So i didn't have time to fully recover before the next 90s run. I ended up having to walk it. Fortunately, by the time the next 3 minute run rolled round, i was on the straight and ready to run again. I completed this one easier than the last and felt like I had acomplished the most challenging part.

After my 3 min cool down walk, i tagged on a little extra light jogging to compensate for the missed run and then put the rest down to experience. I'm still very pleased with what I accomplished today and feel that, had my route not challenged me so much, it was well within my grasp!

Hope everyone else is going well xx

12 Replies

Wow! Well done!

That is definitely not a failure.

As I'm sure I've said, I don't like the idea of taking on gradient at the moment.

I think what you've accomplished today is brilliant.

MamaHogg in reply to RobW73

Thank you 😁 the hills are definitely an additional challenge that i don't feel quite ready for! X

WANTTORUN in reply to MamaHogg

I feel like a cheat already as we live in Cambridge, would have to run a lot further than 5k to even find a hill πŸ™ƒ

MamaHogg in reply to WANTTORUN

I'd much rather avoid them at all costs! πŸ˜‚ my normal route is pretty flat (or very gradual incline/decline) just around my local area but im thinking of trying a different rpute today... at the risk of more hills πŸ˜–


I fully understand, living on a hill top means when I run down I have to run up ..urgh! You are doing brilliantly

That's awesome. Well done.

You could try using MapMyRun website to create your route and it shows the true incline. I have found it really helpful.

Thanks, that sounds great! I'll have a look. Is it connected in any way to the map my run app? X

AnotherNewbieRunnerGraduate in reply to MamaHogg

Its all linked, but I don't think you can create routes on the app, only on the webpage but once created you can link into it from the app.

Great! Thanks again! I'm getting pretty bored of running the same route every time so this will be very helpful 😊


Well done you for persevering! All my runs are on a flat treadmill ... I know I need to add an incline at some point ...!

Im quite used to gradual inclines and declines now because i always run on the roads. Would be quite interesting to run on a treadmill now see how it feels.

I'd say there is no rush to incline. Whilst each week still challenges you, the program is doing its job. There's plenty of time to add incline or try road runs later on 😊

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