W4 R1

I couldn't believe how hard the first run was. I found the whole thing tough, but I managed it and am so pleased. Back is the gasping breaths; they had disappeared after week 2, and the whole thing was hard, but I had no pain as such. When Laura says if you get a stitch, slow down, I spent some of my time wondering how many times you could slow down and still keep moving. Fortunately I didn't get a stitch as I am already quite slow. It was hard also getting my feet going, but find that there is a point in the middle of the run where there is the hint of a good rhythm. I'm really not looking forward to R2, but I know that having done it once, I can do it again. Thanks everyone for the support, for those running now and those who have run. I have looked back at some journeys, and they all give me hope


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13 Replies

  • well done! I'm going to attempt the first run of week 4 tomorrow.. worried about the breathing too,

  • Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be fine. It was a shock when, during the first five minute run Laura said - you are half way through, as last week she told us the time when there wasn't so much left - but apart from that I really didn't think I would be able to do it, but clearly the plan works!!

  • thank you! I shall let you know how it goes, I'm very apprehensive but reading posts where people have completed it I have every faith in the programme..even if I have to repeat a run lol :D

  • Good luck with your first run of week 4 debze. You *can* do it! Trust in the plan, it does work. You have seen us already complete it and we ain't no different from you. I've just got back from my w4r2 and yes it was tough but that's what it's meant to be...to push you that little bit harder each week. Just remember to go nice and slow and you will be fine.

  • wow! that's fantastic! well done

  • Just keep breathing, that is all that matters...!

    Honestly, you can do this..have faith in yourself and steady and slow! I will think about you on my run tomorrow :)

  • Thanks. I think when you start it takes a while to get your feet in a rhythm. It is about the slow pace. Have a lovely run tomorrow.

  • Thank you.I shall, as ever, be taking it slowly, and enjoying the journey :)

  • Well done! That first one of week 4 is a toughie... but you got through it. That's another session under your belt and every one is making you stronger and fitter (no matter how much you puff) ;) Regarding the slowing down, you will be amazed at how slow you can go before you have to stop (I've even run slower than I walk on occasion)!! Good luck with the next one. You know you can do it now :)

  • lol Yes, I often think how I'm going to manage to slow down some more and yet still keep it looking like a run other than a normal walk! :)

    Anyway, well done on completing it though. I told you that you had it in you and given that you have now done it once, you *can* do it again, just as long as you have your rest day(s) and your body has time to heal itself. Keep it up mate and we will soon be congratulating each other on graduating. I'm looking forward to that day! :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement. My son is off travelling soon, so I'm hoping that by the time he comes back I'll have graduated, which would be wonderful.

  • Great! That's definitely good to have that as a goal. :)

  • "It does not matter how slow you go.. as long as you do not stop.."

    Confucius knew his stuff.. maybe he ran C25K ? Well done you :)

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