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Surprisingly tough and that's the first run!!!!!

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Ok, so week 1, run 1......... Hmmm it sounded so simple I mean 60 seconds, who can't run for just 60 seconds..... Me it seems! 60 seconds is actually an eternity!!!!!! Still we managed it (I persuaded a friend to endure the pain too!) was in pain by the end and this morning my knees, heel and hips are painful too. Please tell me that it gets easier!!!!!!! Right now can't imagine being able to get to week 2 never mind running a whole 5k!!!!!!!!

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For me week 1 was by far the worst of the whole 9 weeks. The 2nd run I dreaded just going out of the door!!! Got through it wth a struggle, then run 3 - oh no whay was I doing this to my body!?! But, 3rd run was better than the 1st and 2nd, yippee. Then week 2 was upon me and my breathing was sorted, my legs were feeling better and the rest of my body seemed to work together with legs and arms. After that it all got better and better. Keep at it, don't worry if you have to repeat the odd run, many do. Listen to your body and try and relax into the run, the more relaxed you are the easier you will find it. Good luck to both of you.

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Welcome, and Yes, it will get easier! I have recently finished the programme and have gone through many aches and pains over the 9 weeks but all is now well!

Dont try and go too fast and trust in Laura on the podcast. The programme is very clever and gradually builds up. You will be amazed at each stage that you can go a bit further.

I wish you well and hope you will keep in touch on here. :)

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Nicolaclaire, I know exactly how you feel. Week one for me was definately the worst i could barely run for the 60 seconds and could not see myself completing the programme. I'm doing it with my cousin and i'm doing week 6 run 3 tomorrow! Just stick at it, take Laura's and the rest of the communities advice and you soon be blogging us all amazed at your progress.


Thank you guys, that's really inspirational! I've just been reading the page where everyone put their ages which was so encouraging (I'm 38 by the way with 4 stone to lose)Run number 2 on Thursday, i'll let you know how it goes! X

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Welldone nicolaclaire. You have taken a positive step. I am 37 have lost two stone and another 4 to go. I was on w1 last week. Keep going and take one run at a time.I did W2R1 yesterday and i surprised myself that i completed it I am looking forward to the challenge of W2R2 now!

Nicolaclaire...the breathing thing does get better....I had a horrid time the first week (exercise induced asthma). Also try to get into a good pair of running shoes as soon as possible to forestall some aches and pains down the line. Stretch. This is all new to your body and it IS going to complain...loudly. (I'm not on speaking terms with my left knee right now, lol.) Be supportive of your running partner....

But, most of all, enjoy your running!

I am on week 2 now and found week 1 much harder. Took me 5 attempts to complete all the 1 minute runs. Moved on to week 2 thinking I wasn't ready and have now completed runs 1 and 2 fairly easily. Lungs now appear to work which helps immensely! Have also bought running trainers which seem to help me bounce along!

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You a expecting your body to do something new, it will soon adjust and it will get easier. Keep going you have no idea what you have started it is so amazing, you will be so pleased with yourself you just need to want to succeed.

WELL DONE!! I did my week 1 run 2 today, and I really didnt want to get out of bed to do it but I did. You will overcome the dread of running, and so will I, we just need to plod along together and learn to enjoy the run.

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We are at the same point. I did my first run yesterday too. I didn't find it to bad but am realising how unfit i actually am. Keep at it and let me know how you get on tomorrow. I have a bit more weight to lose than you but would be nice to see how you progress. Good luck for tomorrow.

Thank you guys! Am loving the support. Will post tomorrow after run number 2, backs a bit sore today but will go for it anyway (don't worry I'll take it eas) xx

Just keep getting those trainers on! you have done amazing so far to even do the podcasts! :) xx

I too have found week 1 a struggle. I feel like I've had to learn how to run, having never done it before - as mad as that sounds. Also, I've been so worried about being spotted by someone I know that I've been driving some distance from home to do the run and so it's all become a bit of a palaver! Hopefully my confidence will grow sufficiently so that I can soon step outside the front door and start running and not care who sees me! The 60 second runs have felt like an eternity and I just can't imaging myself running for an unbelievable 90 seconds in one go!!

I have also been worried about people seeing me but have very quickly realised that I actually don't care. Once I've got the podcast on quite loud and am concentrating on breathing everything else seems to go out of my head. I am running past a very busy shopping area and along a main road and lots of people say they've seen me. When I explain what I'm doing they seem genuinely interested and say they might give it a go. You must be fitter than me too - I couldn't possibly drive once I've finished!! It took me 5 attempts to complete all the 1 minute runs in week 1 but completed all the 90 seconds runs in week 2 without too much extra effort. Run 3 to go then looking forward to attempting podcast 3!

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I struggled with week 1. the second run was surprisingly so much easier for me. my advice would be to run slow and trust the program, you will be fine.Dont worry about the aches its youe body just getting use to running

Week 1, run 1 was a shock for me too. Had to give up with the running bits and walk home. I found I had been running much too fast so my advice is to slow it right down and just get it finished. I have lost just over 3 stones following WW since last September and started C25K in March this year and am still carrying 2.5 stones too much. I completed the programme and am still running 3 times each week. Yesterday I ran 5k non-stop. It took me 47 mins but I didn't stop and will up the pace a little tomorrow. I think it's a pace issue, it was for me and when I slowed it right down I found I could keep up with the programme.

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It will get easier. It's such a shock to the system. I think we all struggle with week 1, but you will get through it. Just persevere and you will get through it, read some of the blog posts for inspiration and keep 'blogging' for encouragement. Just slow down, take it easy and you will get there. It takes a while for the body to get used to running - just give it time.

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You would not believe it if you a saw me doing my first week 9 weeks ago. There is no way I thought I would be at the stage of having two runs to go to graduation. Trust me you can do it and the sense of well being both physically and mentally is well worth the hard work. Its not easy but get out there and dont give up, do week one for two weeks if you need to there are no hard fast rules, so what if it takes a bit longer you have the support of everyone here, you just go girl :)

It gets easier!!! Keep going. My first run was hard because I couldn't breathe very well but every run you feel more confidant even it its a struggle :)

Thanks Guys, you were all right, saw a definite inprovement on the second run, although still tough, the though of running even for 90 seconds in week 2 fills me with dread at the moment!

Well done! You should be so chuffed with yourself. I found 60 seconds really hard too. But you’ll be amazed that the first 60 seconds next time will feel a bit easier then the first few. Keep going!!

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GO SLOWER! You should jog at a pace that allows you to have a conversation. That is really hard. So, go slower. It is hard to do, but at least don't go full pelt. A year ago I started Week 1. I repeated Run 1 and Run 2. Two weeks ago I did 15K. I have done a 10K last week and this week. I am slow but I love it. BTW I am 58 and 2.5 stone overweight. I was 3 stone and weight loss is next on my list - it will make me quicker, for sure . I will echo many others who say " if I can do it...." ( you know the rest.) But first, GO SLOWER. You won't look back.

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