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W4R1 - first tough one..


It was -4 according to my phone as I went out at sunrise today.. eyes watering and nose running, inhaler in hand! (and new warmer leggings on) and I ran yesterday to finish W3 and I know I shouldn't do two days in a row..

but I managed to get through it though this was the first run I've felt was difficult especially with the first 5 min run on an uphill section!

Will see how the next two runs go but with temps warming up at the end of the week I'm hopeful to move on next week 'on time'. If still tough once the temps are up, I may repeat this week..

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The reason you found it difficult was probably because you didn't take a rest day in between. You have to let your body recover after each run. Learns from it and move on!

I agree with CookieM you need to take your rest days as those are when your muscles get stronger. Things still happen to your body on rest days!


I wouldn't repeat it. Crack on. Slow is fine. Steady as she goes 😊


I have cold-induced (and exercise-induced) asthma and would also have struggled in that temperature. Roll on spring eh?

KS69Graduate in reply to AnneDroid

I can't wait to run early morning in spring/summer! I've found it so hard when it's very cold but extremes of weather do make the asthma difficult even when not running!


I'm going out tomorrow for the W4R2 so will be curious to see how it goes although still going to be cold.. It was the breathing (asthma/cold/uphill?) I think more than my body/muscles but I knew I finished last week late and will miss part of this week so wouldn't normally do two days together.

I was determined not to stop though however slow I got!


W4R1 completed for me too KS69 - doesn't it feel great!!! Well done for pushing on...xx

KS69Graduate in reply to ANewMe2017

Yes, tough but great feeling after! How did you find it??

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to KS69

Easier than I thought! STRANGE or what?! This programme really must work! I have also shed 10 lbs since beginning of Jan and am sure not hauling that around has a big impact on my lungs and legs. Eeeeeeeeeh we're really doing this...xx

KS69Graduate in reply to ANewMe2017

10lbs already! Just from the programme or food too? Fairly amazing all round!

Hoping I can join the 'easier than I thought' train at the end of the week when the temps rise! I had thought that the previous 3 weeks, the programme has surprised me so far, I feel sort of 'newly converted'!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to KS69

ThankQ! Food too! Healthy living is my way forward. No more being addicted to huge bags of crisps or cheese. I'm going to be addicted to healthy eating! Newly converted, I like that...xx


Totally agree with other comments. The longer you run, the more you realise how important rest days are and how your body tells you off if you don't take them religiously. :) But now you know so well done for getting through it in that chilly weather and a hill too! Don't worry about repeating, move on (after resting of course :) ).

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