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First post-graduation run; tough but rewarding


Having kept the pixies at bay yesterday, today I went out for my first post graduation run. I wanted to cover a full 5k to check how far I was from the 30min milestone.

I went out a bit earlier than usual, to take advantage of the sunny afternoon and run a stretch of Thames Path that I particularly like but has no illumination at all.

Running in the daylight was a bit strange; a lot more traffic, both on the road and on the pedestrian way, must have sent my inner metronome tilt and I set off at a faster pace than usual.

That made this run quite tough, probably my toughest so far, and I had to fight hard not to give up during the last kilometre.

When the phone app told me I reached the 5k I stopped with gratitude, a strange light-headed feeling, and a tiny bit of disappointment for how tired I was feeling.

Then I looked at the data and I understood why I was feeling that way; it was my fastest run so far and it tuned out I was not far at all from the 30-min milestone! Yippee!

Now the plan is consolidation, consolidation, consolidation... until I can arrive at the end of those 5k-in-30min with (relative) ease.

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Well done on a fab time Secan. You should be very pleased with that so soon after graduation!

secanGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Right at the end of the run, I was very pleased I'd avoided a heart attack... :D


Well done you. I have graduated today but on my penultimate run managed to have run keeper working alongside Laura and to be honest I wished I hadn't. I set it going from the off so it will have included my 5 min warm up/ down skewing the figures but I realise I am a long way off 5k. 30 mins now do -able so time to work on that distance now.

Nevertheless I never thought I would make it this far, if I can keep stepping out 3 times a week and see what happens I will be a happy graduate.

Keep up the great work

Rubytoby89Graduate in reply to mummybrummy

Don't worry about how long it might take you to run 5k, the fact that you can keep going for 30 minutes is all that matters! I too want to keep running 3 times a week, and plan to include my local Parkrun - first one next Saturday - but I know in my heart of hearts that it will be a walk/run and that is fine, it will be my baseline to build on!!

secanGraduate in reply to mummybrummy

Rubytoby is right; don't worry about the distance.

Ok, it feels nice when you reach it but the best thing in running is enjoying the journey, not reaching the finish line. :)

Keep it fun and enjoyable and soon you'll get there without even realising it.

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to mummybrummy

MummyBrummy... Just high jacking Secans post... I didn't see a graduation post for you, sorry if I missed it. Just wanted to say a very well done to you, congratulations! :)

mummybrummyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

Thank you xx

Well done on your run, but don't knock yourself on speed that will come naturally with time along with stamina. Enjoy the feeling of running! When you feel comfortable at running 5k, I would suggest the next step of the speed and stamina podcasts at NHS 5k+. Good luck with your running and keep up the good work.

That's fantastic again! :) Brilliant time too, very well done x


Sounds like a cracking run fella 😀


Brilliant !

Well done Secan , thats an amazing time so soon after graduation :-) xxx

That looks an impressive run and no doubt you'll soon be doing 5K in 30 mins and then less. I look forward to being where you're at 😀


That's wonderful! Motivation for the rest of us inching closer to graduation. Well done!


Brilliant - Well Done, super speedy :)


Well done Speedy - that's a super quick time!

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