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First blog and 2nd run!

Week 1, run 1, felt like I was so unfit and can't imagine being able to run for 30 mins!

Week 1, run 2, felt really fit managing the 1st 60 second run. Felt like I was dying for next 7 runs!

Will it get better? I will have to carry on so that I know.

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Well done!

Yes, just stick to it.

It's really impressive how much we improve week after week.



Oh it certainly gets better :) Week 1, run 1 and I was swearing and calling Laura all sorts of not nice things waiting for her to say stop running! This morning was Week 5 run 3 and it was a piece of cake.

You CAN do this. Really, you can!


Let us know how you feel after you complete W9, Belles!!

You WILL do it. Each week has it's own challenges and will continue to push you. You will be amazed as you progress and look back at how far you have come!!

Keep Running!! I promise, it is worth it!! :-)



Thanks everyone. I can't seem to reply to each using the reply button, it just won't work. I'm so jealous of those runners at week 8 and 9, but I will get there!


It does get better. Trust the programme, it works. :-)

As you say you will have to carry on so that you find out for yourself, (and you will find how fantastic this is).

Keep us posted.



Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot!


I didn't believe it was possible Belles when I started this journey in March - fat, unfit and forty-four! I took it slowly, had a few mishaps on the way, but finally graduated in September. Back in March it was daunting just running for 1 minute, but now I have just finished a 30-minute run and the weird thing is that I actually *enjoyed* it. The program does work, and the great thing is that you feel you are making progress every single time you set foot outside the door! The hardest thing is starting. Go Belles!


Wow, a graduate! You must be feeling pretty good about yourself and quite rightly so! Well done you.

I've heard about people enjoying it, can't see it myself but hopefully by wk 9 I will actually look forward to running.

I've already organised my child care for run 3 so I must be starting to try and plan my life around my runs.

Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot.


Yes it does get better. Stick with it! You can always repeat weeks as well, if you need to.


Thank you for responding, it's run 3 tomorrow. I will be well chuffed to say I've completed week 1.


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