Week Six Run Three

Woohoo! 25 minutes! I was a bit nervous about today - although I had it in my head that it was 30 minutes of running so when Laura said 25 it was actually a bit of a relief!

I went my usual route and powered through it. My pace was all over the place, although I was glad for the times when I was able to increase it a little. Because I was concentrating so hard on the running, I wasn't thinking about much else except 'Oh God, not THAT song again.' As I was lacing up my trainers this morning, I thought 'If I have to hear that both-feet-on-the-ground song one more time, I'll shoot myself' but there it was again. I watched a film called Weekend (over the... weekend) and there's a scene where the main character's in a club and that song is playing. I nearly spat my drink out.

Aaaanyway, I did it. I was very pleased with myself when I finished even though my vision was all blurry and my lungs felt like they were about to burst. I could barely get the key into my front door when I got home. But still, when I think about it, it really was the last five minutes which were the trickiest. I already ran for 20 minutes last week so it just goes to show how much your stamina improves if you just keep going for that little bit extra.

I've been thinking about entering races, but I think I'll hold off on that until I'm running 30 minutes or more regularly. I'm sure I'll get there!

Roll on week seven...


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12 Replies

  • Well done ! I think week 6 run 3 is the biggest hurdle, and you did it ! :)

  • Thank you :) It certainly felt like it!

  • Nice one - well done :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Well done ! Tomorrow is me who will have to get through the 6WR3

    Allarm is set for 5:45 am. Wish me luck !

  • Wow, that's brave! You can do it :)

  • Well done I just completed this run 5 mins ago, it was tough but rewarding

  • It does feel very rewarding when you've finished, although it's very hard to keep going at the time! Well done for completing it.

  • Glad there a few people out there just lived through this one I am just about to go well done secreative.

  • Thank you, I hope yours goes/went well!

  • Well done-Ive got that run to do tommorow or Saturday. Its good to hear that it can be done. Im 'treating' myself to a park run for graduation/week 9 which also is near my birthday. Oddly looking forward to it! Good luck wk7!

  • ho god 25 mins .well done. i start this run on tuesday . did the 20 mins ok but 25 will be the longest i have ever ran in my life .lol.love reading everybodys blogs they somehow motivate and get you into gear and ready. just hope i can do it. good luck with wk 7 ;-)

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