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Bad run today, but it was a run!


Today I really struggled. Before heading out I was really tired and couldn't warm up so wasn't feeling too enthusiastic. I headed out anyway because, like most of you, I'm addicted. It didn't start well when my Garmin refused to connect to the GPS so I only had Laura. I have graduated but decided to do wk8 as I just felt like it and didn't think I'd make the full 30 mins. Then when that blasted song "You and Julie" started I instantly regretted the decision (I should have just put my own music on).

Anyway, getting started seemed to take me longer to find my rhythm and my muscles didn't stop shouting at me to just walk. I kept it going though and when I was about 10 mins in I had to vary my usual route due to flooding. While Laura speaks about varying route I like sticking to the same one as I know how long it is, you know, like oooh I'm by the school so i'm about 15 mins in etc. Changing my run I had no idea how long I'd run for and somehow found it harder to keep going because I couldn't see the end point in my head.

I got to 23 mins before I ended up walking. I was cross with myself so only walked for 30 seconds before picking up again. While doing the last bit of the run I was thinking about my breathing. When I'm running (on a standard/normal run) I am breathing a little harder/deeper than normal but not that bad, I'm comfortable and could talk to someone. I was wondering if that is how it should be or should I be breathing harder?

Somehow I felt like maybe I am too comfortable and should be trying to push myself more but then the muscles/body has something to say about that. Also, when I actually stop running I find I am actually breathing quite hard, seemingly harder than when I was running. Luckily though, I recover quite quickly. So I was asking myself am I doing it right, am I pushing too hard or am I not pushing hard enough? Then I thought it doesn't really matter because I don't think I could physically put anything more into it if I actually want to run solidly for 30 mins. If I sped up I'd probably end up having to stop at 15 mins.

Anyway, even though todays run wasn't a great success I'm not upset or disappointed. In fact I'm actually feeling the opposite, as even though I felt like it was all against me, I actually went out and did it and even though I had a short walk I kept going to the end. In short, I didn't quit or give up and anything is better than nothing right?

Here's hoping Friday's run is a better experience!

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You said it ... you weren't feeling it but you did it anyway and kept moving ... you've bettered anyone who's not yet managed to get off the couch and you know deep down it was just one of those days. Onwards and upwards :-)

You were really tired and with the best will in the world it would not have been your easiest run. I think you can be proud of yourself for making the effort. I wonder if you were breathing hard at the end if you might not have pushed yourself a bit hard. Perhaps you sped up at the end without really noticing it.

You are being very tough on yourself. It's January and freezing cold yet you are outside running....

There will be plenty of time to set new goals and work hard in a few weeks time after the cold snap.

Well done for pushing yourself and keeping up the regular runs. :)


Great work on pushing through a trying run. Some days we win just by showing up.

Also, try not to beat yourself up for walking. There's nothing wrong with a change of pace for a few, and often the walk breaks are downright enjoyable.

Terrible idea to bring Julie back though. Yeeesh. She's in my head just thinking about her.

I always take walk breaks - for me I run 'cleaner' that way and don't twist or strain anything. I usually do the first 2k nonstop, then do run/walk for the rest. Seems to work for me and if I'm feeling fast I do short fast bursts and if I'm feeling sluggish I do longer slower chunks. Either way, it's exercise which is more than I was doing 2 years ago, so all good! Well done for getting out there in the crud conditions.

I'm a bit of a creature of habit re route as well. Having worked out where I can run for 5k without getting stopped by dogs off leads, I'm sticking to it!

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