Yeee Gawds! WK1 run 3 Again!!!!

It has been four days since I have been for a run! We had an OFSTED inspection at work for two days this week and it stressed me out to the point of exhaustion. I did not think I would get my MOJO back but suddenly decided to squeeze in a run the rain again before collecting my 7 yr old from school! My knees ache a bit but I managed all the runs...much better on the old breathing....breathing definitely helps! I am thinking I am still not ready for Wk2. It is messing with my melon a bit, I don't want to rush on and hurt myself though so I think a third dose of week 1 is the way to go! I sure will be glad to move on to another it normal to get stuck on WK1? I can do the runs but not without some discomfort/verging on pain (I have a low pain threshold). My knees ache now an hour and a hot bath later. Jeesh! I should get a badge for graduating from WK1 when it happens eventually.


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9 Replies

  • Don't let the thought or week 2 keep putting you off! I would try it on your next run and see how you get on. If you trust in the programme you will keep progressing. Sometimes our minds tell us we're not ready when really we are. Good luck with what ever run you decide on :)

  • Food for thought thank you :)

  • Well done for getting out there. I think I'd have reached for the nearest bottle of wine if I'd had such a stressful week. Why don't you try week 2 anyway. You'll probably surprise yourself and find you may get into more of a rhythm if you run for a bit longer,, and in a worst case scenario you can always go back to week 1 if you need to.

  • Hey :) I think you should give it a go... reduce the speed even. I had some good some bad runs no matter which week. Today I did my W3R2 and did fine even though I STRUGGLED in W3R1... it's on a treadmill so I reduced the speed and it worked, plus I made sure to rest fully in between. I am no where near the speed I was running in Week 1... Good luck!!

  • If I slow down any more I am afeared I will stop! I am sure my walking is faster than my running! I dread to think what I look like!

  • LOL...I wonder that too ( what I look like) but that's why I am on a treadmill :)

  • I have been thinking about a treadmill as I keep getting drenched in the Great British weather!

  • Hi, I completed all the runs inside on treadmill and then thought that I would venture outside but found it so different. I have now started back at wk1 and have completed 2 so far. I have a 5k run on the 14th july and am hoping to try to run it but having only 4 weeks to go I may struggle. Keep on going we must trust the plan. Sometimes I think I cant do this then remember that I managed it inside so just need to persevere. Good luck

  • As a fellow teacher who has also just got through Ofsted, you have my complete sympathy. I have repeated week 1 aswell but on the eighth run last time I decided I would try to keep going and think I probably managed a 90 second run, so I'm going out today to give week 2 a go! If I can't make it to the end of all the week 2 runs then that is something new for me to aim for. Hope your Ofsted grading was better than ours. We felt very hard done by - all rested on results over the last 3 years rather than the great work that everyone is doing now.

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