repeating wk1..... again

repeating wk1..... again

well i managed 3 runs completed, had two days off this weekend - not fully relaxed as still had tables to muck out saturday and a 5.30am start sunday to help run or club dog show 3hr drive away...

decided to sick with wk1 again this week - legs still very heavy after the last couple of runs,tbh im scared to push to wk2 just yet.

finally found some running leggings and jacket in sainsburys - everywhere else ive been you need to be fit already to find anything to fit! i got a dayglo pink jacket and black leggings with pink piping - ill not be missed lol.



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18 Replies

  • Hi Betty, Go for it!

    You should have got a spotty jacket to match Billy! Now he is a running dog, will pull you for a marathon!

  • Sure is - I wanted done spotty leggings if seen, too small just yet xx

  • Go for it!

    At this stage, finding the time and maintaining that motivation is far more important than whether you are doing week 1 or week 2.

    All the best.

  • Thanks, I so nearly didn't go as it was raining x

  • Betty! Congratulations on getting here, and it is very important at this point to just get off that couch and show up outside. I started running in January, and although a part of me tells me I should've graduated by now, it doesn't matter. I am still running and I've reached week 6 of the program and know exactly how you feel. I have repeated a couple of weeks in the past, due to various reasons. If I'd miss a run, I'd do the week all over again. Justice, you see. Ensure that you're getting enough sleep, hydration and do some stretching before you start with the warm up walk and see if it helps.

    All the best, and as Laura would say, "Keep at it!"

  • Thankyou - I do feel ive accomplished something by simply doing it. I'm so inflexible it's silly lol stretching feels like a workout itself. Xx

  • By all means repeat week1 if you want to, but don't do it because you are scared of week 2! If you have managed to complete all 3 runs from a week, you ARE ready for the next challenge. I appreciate the changes often seem scary - but that's the beauty of this program. It works. It may not feel it, but it is a carefully graded progression. Go for it! Give week 2 a try. If it feels too much, slow down. There is no such thing as too slow here!!

  • I may just do that - thanks for the encouragement xxxx

  • Brilliant! Go for it! You will get such a buzz from the sense of achievement when you succeed (which you will!). Don't forget to come back and let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks, see how I feel tomorrow, got lead legs just now lol

  • I have every admiration for people who run and have to hold down a job. Don't forget people on here are all sorts - you might be reading a post from someone who is 20! Then there's all those retired people who can go whenever it suits them and when they're feeling at their best and most relaxed.

    As agedsnail says, this programme is so amazing that if you've completed the week, you are probably ready for that next push - it'll never be easy but hey, you've proved you can do week one now. Its amazing, as you've probably already found, how much easier r3 is than r1 was. Good luck, keep posting.

  • Thankyou xx

  • Well Done, Ive just finished week one and I'm going to repeat it .. my legs ache a little and my butt so i figure il do it again until i can jog the full 60seconds without wanting to faint.. KEEP IT UP! :)

  • I so know that feeling - I look at it as a battle running v me lol x

  • Good for you - stick with it.

    I was so unfit when I started. I'm not super fit by any means now but I can't quite believe that just over a week ago I did wk 5 run 3 - 20 minutes solid running (although mine is more of a shuffle than a run).

    It took me 3 weeks to feel able to move on from week 1 and I did week 2 twice. Since then I've stuck to the plan but hit a wall at week 6 so am repeating it again this week. So what - it's not a race.

    I know what you mean about running gear sizes. I looked in Decathlon not when I first started - what a laugh. I needed one pair of running tights per leg. My stuff came from Tesco.

    I'm as slow as a slow thing wearing too tight clothes but you know, I don't care. I'm fitter than I was 10 weeks ago and I'm actually enjoying it. I feel like a gazelle when I'm shuffling along that canal path!

    Keep it up Betty - you can do it.

  • Thanks, I already feel much better in myself.

    Well done on your achievement too xx

  • Ah nice to see you Betty and Billy xxx

    Just take it at your own pace Betty. I am sure you are more than capable of starting week 2 , I think its very much a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge .

    Keep going , and keep posting as it really helps with the motivation ;-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug

    It's blowing a flaming gale here.... Let's hope it's a tail wind lol

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