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Worst run yet


Well yesterday I had my worst run ever. I hated every second of it. I’m in my third week of running and I’m repeating wk1. Yesterday was my second run of the week and it was tipping down. I only managed to do 7/8mins running but it was hard and I also found it gave me tummy ache. In my 3 weeks of running I haven’t managed to do 3 full 8 minute runs yet. I’m feeling sore this morning which I think will ease once I get moving around. I feel defeated if truth be told and wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I will try again on Sunday morning for my 3rd run of the week and I’m hoping I do better.

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Hi there are good runs there are tough runs and there are great runs, as you are near the start maybe you are going too fast. Have you read the guide to c25k? there is so much good advice there and it may help

Let’s hope your next run is a good one, go slow it’s early days


I'm a little confused, you say you haven't managed 3 full 8 minute runs?

Do you mean 3 sessions of 8, 1 min runs? Week 1 is only 60 seconds of running split with 90 seconds of walking, no runs longer than 1 minute....

If you're struggling with the 1 min runs then you're pushing too hard. I think to give you a boost you should try a walk/rush approach. Do 3 sessions of walking and when the run sections come in do a fast walk, use your arms as you would in running but keep it more as a speed walk without dropping in speed for the 1 min then revert to normal walk in the walk sections. Do that and hopefully when you feel you've done that with a level of success, try the run/walk again but remember; slow is good. Running doesn't necessarily mean fast at all.

Don't let those mind games defeat you! You're stronger than that! 👍🏻💪🏻😁

Yes I mean I haven’t completed all 3 runs out of a week. First week the first run I only managed 7 out of my 8 mins but the next 2 runs I managed my total 8 mins. The second week I only managed 6 mins out of my 8 mins in the middle run and yesterday I only managed 7 out of my 8 mins. I will try again for my 3rd on Sunday. My pace yesterday was 14.59 according to strava. I’m running slow as I simply can’t go any faster. I am carrying probably 5extra stone than I should be. I knew it would be hard but feel a little defeated.

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to SamNotSammy

Don't even look at pace, it really, really has no bearing right now. OK, so you did manage it twice, you can do it, but maybe you are just putting too much pressure on yourself. You're doing a lot better than you're giving yourself credit for 👍🏻😉


Sorry you're feeling low. Check out Japanese running on YouTube. You might find it useful. I know i did when things got tough.

Good luck 👍


Well done struggling through the foul weather.

Check out the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... for advice on pacing, stretching, nutrition and hydration, all of which will help...........but slowing down is key.

You should be able to speak clear ungasping sentences as you run........if not, you are going too fast for your current fitness level.

You can do this.......but do it slowly.

I don’t think I could speak if I wanted to. I am only going slow as I quite simply can’t go any faster. I’m just too heavy.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to SamNotSammy

You can always go slower......honestly.

The running action just means that both feet are simultaneously off the ground on every stride.......it is not about speed. Many people can walk faster than they jog when first start, so don't despair.

I will have a try on Sunday. Thanks for your response. It’s good to hear from other people and it helps 👍🏻

Speedy60Graduate in reply to SamNotSammy

Iannoda is right ( goes without saying 👍). Really, check out that Japanese running.


You're doing great and definitely shouldn't feel defeated. You have lots of determination which is shown in your post . Don't be so hard on yourself. Good luck and we'll done 🤗🤗


First time around on this C25K back in early 2015, it tool me 3-4 weeks to complete week 1, and as the weeks progressed, I repeated weeks as needed. Some of us just need a bit longer, I was overweight and very very unfit, it takes time to adjust. At the time, I was about 3 stone overweight. My first run on week 1 run 1, I managed 20 seconds of running (x 3, that was it out of the 8 1 minute runs, I was knackered).

In fact, before I started C25K I walked every day for 30 mins for a month, just to try and improve something ! Still took me weeks to complete week 1.

1st Jan 2016, I ran 10 miles.

Take your time, it's not a race to complete the programme, yes I understand you are disappointed when a week doesn't get finished, but try to keep the end goal in mind and each run is a journey towards that end goal. Take the wins when you have them and celebrate, when it doesn't go as you wanted just think of that as a practice for the next one !

Don't be too hard on yourself, each run is a step along the way to your eventual success.

Thank you for you response. I will try and go even slower if possible. I have dogs so I tend to do half an hour a day with them to which I think has helped. I trying to see if there are any patterns forming and therefore resulting in not so great run. Onwards to Sunday 🏃🏼‍♀️

Hey, well done you. If you're on your third week of week one then that deserves a big pat on the back, you're still trying to crack this, you've not scuttled back onto the couch! When I started C25K a few months ago, I struggled with week one and had to do a few practice runs before I could manage all 8 x 60 second runs. I'm only (just) up to Week 4 at the moment (and have not run now for a few weeks due to 'stuff') and have not found it easy (but it is sometimes easier) along the way. As each new week came I struggled, and read the advice to slow down and then slow some more and as I run alone, I had no one to chat to, but knew that I wouldn't be able to hold a steady conversation, I'd just about be able to blast an occasional word out during my out breath! W 4 involves a couple of 5 minute runs and when I got there, I just couldn't do these (even though I'd managed 3 minute runs in the previous week). Again, listening to the mantra I slowed myself down more and even more and finally managed it. As I slowed to a walk at the end of my last run I realised that I wasn't going any slower, but (as Iannoda says) during the runs both feet were off the ground, and that's all that matters to qualify. Initially I expected to be running 5K in 9 weeks after starting this but soon realised that was not going to be the case for me. I am determined to finish this course, am not worried about the speed that I run (which is the same as saying the distance that I cover) and will do it at my own pace. I will not move on a week until I have completed the three consecutive runs of the previous one, if I struggle I just consider that to be a practice, and I will try again after my rest day and incorporate what I've learned. If I have any setbacks I will not be ashamed to drop back a week to further build my stamina (and more importantly re-build my self confidence). Keep at it, you are obviously determined which is brilliant. Lots of people have told me to trust the program (which I do) and you can see how much fun everyone is having doing this by reading their posts. Finally, once more well done for not giving up, you WILL do this.

SamNotSammy in reply to Alast

Thanks for your encouragement. Im ready to try again tomorrow morning. I’m not giving up just yet!!!

Don't know about you but we weren't doing any exercise before , and now we're out 3 times a week for half hour

that has to be doing us all good

If exercise becomes routine it will get easier (I'm told )

It's really hard in the rain but you carried on

Hope Sunday was better

Sunday was better yes. I even jumped in the air at the end of my last 1min run as I was so chuffed!!!

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to SamNotSammy

That's great to hear! 😁👍🏻

That made me happy

Well done Fantastic 👍🏻


Well done! You were definitely going tooooooo fast. I took 4 weeks repeating Week 1 and am repeating each rum (wish it was rum!) run, though now feel a lot stronger and more able to set a good snail pace. Keep going slowly and don't worry about how long it takes or how many times you have to repeat a run. 🏃‍♀️😁

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