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Week 3, run 3 (again!) - advice needed!


So I’m doing couch to 5k again (following pregnancy and birth of my 5 month old boy!). I got up to week 3 before the snow came and then hadn’t run since then due to snow and then my partner was exceptionally busy at work and couldn’t give me the time to go out (he needs to babysit!).

So I did week 3 run 3 on Wednesday and did it again today as I felt I struggled a bit the other day breathing wise. I’m not sure whether to crack on with week 4, day 1 on next run or redo week 3 day 3 again?? I know what is at the end of week 5 and think I’m already worried 🤣. Any advice appreciated!

Happy Easter runners x

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How long did you leave between the runs with the snow

Miss_slinkyGraduate in reply to Notsobigdoug

Feels like at least 3 weeks I think - long enough to feel out of it again!

If you are happy with 3.3, and completed it move on.🤔

The programme prepares you run by run.You are in charge of how you feel following your repair days.🤔

Trust the programme and the forum and believe in you.👍

Slow and steady to get the extra oxygen onboard and to protect your weaker legs.Footfall under your hips.Kissing the ground.👏👏

Enjoy and do not fear any runs that have to come, you will do it, and if for any reason not on the first attempt, you will do it.👍

Every run is a good run , you are building your lungs and legs and running brain.🤔

Your journey of continuous learning and improvement , that will change your life.🌟👏👏

Miss_slinkyGraduate in reply to Tbae

I think it’s just because I’ve had a good break from it there that I don’t feel confident going straight to week 4...if I had been doing C25k continuously it would be fine? Does that make sense??

Tbae in reply to Miss_slinky

It is your programme and you know what is best for you.🌟👏👏

You are building your lungs and legs and running body and all miles and movement is good.🌟👏👏

Of course it makes sense.👍

This is a gift to yourself and there are no time constraints, only your success.🌟👏👏

We are here for you.🌟👏👏

if you did W3 R3 then move on. It can be tempting to re-do each run to get to a ‘perfect one’ but provided you did the interval times in their entirety you’re good to go. Each week stretches you that bit further but hey nothing ventured nothing gained.

Good luck in your W4 endeavours

Miss_slinkyGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks - I don’t need a perfect run just to feel I’ve got the stamina to move forward. Just worried I’ll put myself off by diving straight into week 4

Hi Miss_slinky, you are an amazing new mum🌟..fitting running into your busy schedule can't be easy...so

There really is no need for you to put more pressure on yourself. If you feel like you are ready for Wk4 runs go ahead, but there is also no harm in doing another run 3 to build your confidence after your time out due to the snow...

The runs will always be there waiting and you will do them..enjoy your running time when you get it, by having a successful run...

Get lots of rest too, you are doing a very important job!😊xxx

Miss_slinkyGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Aww thanks so much really appreciate that! It’s certainly not easy to find the time!

I think I may do week 3, run 3 again just to get myself used to it again! I don’t know...

I said after my first run out after giving birth, I felt I had a little bit of me back and trust me, that felt amazing! It was week 1, day 1 but wow! Funny how you don’t take things like going for a run for granted anymore


Anticipation not apprehension... you now you can do it:)

Just listen to that body... have a repeat as Bluebirdrunner suggests, maybe use it as a warm up and then head on, steady and slow...:)

Week 5 is just another week of runs, that yo are totally ready for... Super Mama.. you can do this:)

Miss_slinkyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Awww thanks a million - appreciate that. I’ll see how I feel (hopefully out tomorrow morning!)


No harm in repeating weeks or runs. The 9 weeks is a rough kind

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