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Needed a change of music so did week 8 run 1

but how does anyone stop at 28 minutes.

Ran at a different time today and normally dont run on a Tuesday as it is busy. The first 4 minutes were awful got to 5 and thought I wont be finishing this run today. Carried on and eventually miscalculated time left and thought when she spoke Laura was going to say 2 minutes to go but it was 5 oh no.

Eventually got to 28 and thought just to dig a bit deeper and increase my stamina. This I did increased speed to and just proved that you can do anything for 2 minutes.

Thats 2 runs at 30 now so feel I can get there to graduation status.

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I am envious of your energy!


Have no idea what gets in my head sometimes but I am very stubborn so my OH says so maybe that helps.


Yes one of the most stubborn people I know!!


cheeky.Good job I know you.

Well done on yourrun today too weres the blog.


I've made a playlist with the best of T. Rex

I have 2 walking tracks, then 2 of my favourites at the start and finish of a 35minutes and finally 2 more walking ones.

It helps me a lot especially finishing with ones which really get me going :)

Now any time I hear my songs I want to run :)

Might need to add a few more for next week though as 35 minutes isn't

getting me to 5k.

Well done to you for your stubbornness, i'm the same :)

Great it's now become one of our virtues lol


Thanks for the comments I would like to make my own running track but atm seem I need Laura with me as a "comfort blanket" she keeps me calm when the legs and breathing are going wrong usually around 3-5 minutes in.

Eventually I will let go as Me and Julie could get annoying too.(w8)


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