Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 1 in a running stylee

Oh what a night! it was not late September and there was no atmosphere, but i just seemed to be tossing and turning from about 3am. So by about 5 I thought stuff it, lets go and run.

So up I got and out i went to do run 1 of week 8.

28 minutes sounds a long time when you are at week 1 but by week 8 it's come on let's go for a run and have fun, and that's what I did!

In my warped mind I thought I have 2 more training runs before my race, yes I got the start date wrong and delayed my training so I don't make week 9 by the start, however I reckon the adrenaline will get me through the last 2 minutes or so.

Anyway I decided to push it hard, so i took my super duper country route, as my 3 year old calls it. It's mainly cross country and has a nice run around the foot of a steep hill which climbs gradually to the top. When I did the run last week 25 minutes, I was about 5 minutes short of running home.So 28 minutes should make it.

So this steep hill occured at about 15 minutes, and which numpty decided to up his run rate and take the hill on! Hellloooooo that numpty was me. I thought my lungs would explode, and my head would pop and my legs would fall off. But I did it, and it was good, it was very good in fact, and it didn't stop me finishing my run.

Now this route also has a number of styles and gates to cross, so at the start of the run I was athletically hopping over them, later on i was just going ovedr them.

There was also a gate on the footpath which I decided to climb over instead of opening and going through. Well there I was astride of the gate when I realised it wasn't properly closed, and so there I was swinging backwards on the gate feeling like an absolute plum.

So my runs are getting longer, but my mishaps are just still happening, will I ever be a safe runner? i doubt it!

Trot on and be happy!

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Haha great post, I've got a mental image of you swinging on the gate surrounded by sheep. You don't mention sheep but they somehow go with the image I've got!

Well done on running for 28 minutes :)


Love your posts! Made me laugh thinking of you swinging on the gate.


It was the bears that left the gate open, they watched as you swung about like a plum . They hide behind the sheep and chuckle. Great run, well done to you, you should look forward to graduation day and plan a treat for all your hard work. (that 'll be the day the teddy bears have there picnic......)


Great post! made me laugh so much! Well done on getting so far :)


Your runs sound like a slapstick comedy :D Good on you though, nearly at the finish line now.


laughing, laughing, laughing :)


so funny!!! i love your posts, they do actually make me laugh out loud!!!! can't wait to hear what run 2 will bring. :)


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