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Week 8 - Let's take that as a trial week

Unsucessfull. I ran only 2 km (about 14 minutes) on Run 3. And then I stopped because I felt a stomach ache coming. It wasn’t too bad but I couldn’t get myself to continue running. I thought I’d walk for a minute, but in the back of my mind already knew I won’t start running again (That probably was the problem).

All in all I only managed the 28 minutes of Week 8 once – and that with a break(s) and only just the 28 minutes. The other times were around 18 minutes, and today the 14.

Yesterday I thought I'll to in the morning, because it was still hot at 9pm. Today I got up really early and was out of the house at 7.10. The weather was still cool and I thought it will be a good run.

What is it with the longer runs that I cannot keep my motivation up!?

As much as it frustrates me (and holds the potential of having to run Week 9 in even hotter wheater) I'll redo Week 8 next week. I use in moving on if I haven't really done the 28 minutes (except one big exeption on W7/R3), right?

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You were out running. That's more than you were doing a few weeks ago. Don't look on it as a failure, just a slight delay in achieving the ultimate goal. You WILL get there.


Thanks, I know I will! At some point


Are you still using the downloads? I found having my own music helped when I got to the long runs.


I went back. To the podcast after running with my own music in week 7. It was fine on run 1, but might need to gdo my own music again now. It really is "easier" with a list you love!


I know how it feels when you just can't push through your mind telling you not to keep going! It's awful!

You will do it though, you'll go out one day with the right frame of mind and it will happen :)

I'm lucky in that my hubby comes and pushes me (he takes a lot of abuse sometimes though, big hills and me don't get along but hubby isn't quite getting this!) ;)

Good luck, let us know how it goes and most importantly keep telling yourself you CAN do it!


Will go "I can do this I can do this" in my head on the next run. Thanks!


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