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Week 8 run 3 completed

I did this today knowing I should have rested, but after receiving emails from psycho .......

I was so down and angry, I had to go out, I did this run initially in temper after 23 minutes Laura said only 5 minutes left and then realised my calf/ankle was sore and uncomfortable .... Hence the last 5 minutes were tough, I think I could go on another 2 minutes, I say that as I never thought I could run 10 minutes never mind 28 minutes ....

All I can say is next week is graduation week and I wouldn't have ever come through this if it weren't for the support here.... I can hands on heart say my mental health was deteriorating and I never foresee that couch25k would get me through some of the worst days of my life, but it has and I know I'm going to get to graduate, I'm just scared that I won't continue, I may have to keep week 9 going on for the next 20 years

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That's alright. At the moment I feel it's probably what I'll do, but the way you've been going I bet your running longer distances before you know it. (Although I would stick at 30 mins for a bit).

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It is fine, or even advisable to consolidate your 30 min runs before trying to go further. Sorry you've had trouble, people can act weird at times and running out your anger is agreat thing to do


Was slightly confused as I read your post first as emails from physio... ! Thought you had a running injury.... Sorry to her you are having a hard time but glad you have been able to use running to help , I think missing a rest day is fine when the benefit is clearing your mind , I think post grad can be a bit tricky to keep motivated until you get yourself into a routine so planning to stick on wk 9 for a while is a sensible idea!


Just a week to go. After you graduate there is plenty to keep you engaged- greater distance, more speed, park run, races, intervals, trail running - whatever floats your boat! Mix it up a bit to keep it interesting - no need to stick to just running for 30 minutes every outing. Hope final week goes well!

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This is just the beginning!!!!

Slow and steady to the finishing line and yes you will do it.

As for the e-mails, is it possible to just trash them without reading.. maybe? Treat like our pesky gremlins and ignore completely?

You know how the gremlins hate that!!!!:)

You keep on girl. and keep posting... with your determination and the support from the gang, there will be no stopping you :)

"Every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning!"

Heavy, eh :)


Well done you! TBH, my plan is to continue doing week 9 over and over again once I've graduated. I've got no plans to do any longer runs, I'm just so happy to achieved what i have so far. I'm loving being out on the fresh air, having time to myself and keeping fit at the same time. Oh, and listening to music whilst I'm running is great. I'm in my own little world.

I'm so pleased to hear that the programme has helped you with your mental health 👌


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