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Week 5 Run 3

Completed this last night, so happy and at times find it hard to believe I am actually getting so far in this program.

my calves ached pretty much all the way through but my breathing was the best yet until about the last 5 minutes, even then it was just very heavy breathing rather than it hurting like it had before.

So happy to have done this, best of luck for everyone else's runs :)

In addtion to having completed this wonderful thing, I found out yesterday morning I am now just above 20st down about 3 stone from starting in April and I got a promotion at work.

All in all a great day :)

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Well done, Zagel!

What a brilliant day, things are definitely looking up for you!


Congratulations for all those achievements. What an inspiration!


That is wonderful news. Well done all round!


Thanks for the comments, such great support from here has really helped me get to here, thanks to you all


Well done, I am at the same stage as you and it feels brilliant with every run in the bag whoo hoo. Good luck with your new job and your amazing weight loss.


Well done. I am doing run 3 on Friday and I am dreading it!!! I am at my target weight for the first time in years but I have this little voice in my head telling me that I can't run and never have been able to run. Wish me good luck. Carry on with your amazing weight loss, you'll get there in the end.


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