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Week 5 run 3 completed!

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I always look at the runs for the week ahead when I have completed run 3 of the week and must admit that I was incredibly nervous about this set.

I set off slow and steady with a determination that I would make it to the end and thankfully I did! I must admit that it was hard going, mostly due to the issues I have with my breathing when running, I made it though :) I am hoping that the breathing will get better over time (tips and advice welcome) as my ability to run futher has.

This feels like a huge milestone for me. I am now beginning to believe I can make it to the 30 mins/5K goal which I've set myself. Thanks to all of you for your posts on here, I've read lots of them and they have helped me immensely with my journey so far.

Looking forward to starting week 6 on Tuesday!

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Well done completing W5, a week, I suspect, made most of us nervous, and good luck with W6. Of course you can get to the 30 min/5k goal, think positive I'm doing the same - I'm just a week ahead. There are too many people on this forum giving you encouragement not to make it.

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nettie-noodle in reply to Jo55

Thank you Jo55

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Well done! So nice to see people forging ahead. Sorry I don't have any breathing tips, not as far on as you are.

Thank you. I didn't expect to get this far but here I am! Keep on going and you'll get there too :)

It is a milestone.....so many congratulations. If you are having trouble with breathing, then just slow down a bit. As you develop further as a runner you will be able to go faster, but the name of the game now is to gently extend your endurance. Remember this in particular during week 6, which catches many out.

Good luck

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It feels amazing to have done it, doesn't it. I'm a week ahead of you so have just done the 25 min run and completing that feels great too. I can't believe how good this program is to have got us this far. Sorry I can't help with breathing tips, I just do it - I couldn't get to grips with breathing the way Laura said earlier in the program. Whatever I'm doing at the moment is working so I'll stick with it for now and perhaps try to improve it later.

Oh brilliant nettie noodle (love the name). Just take it slowly and if you think your breathing is too hard then slow down even more.

It's such a great feeling that run and you've done it!

It is isn't it. Worth all the effort :)

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Congratulations on completing week 5. You are quite right that, now you have managed that 20 minute run, you are on course for smashing the longer runs.

Excellent advice above; simply take the runs slowly and steadily and think positive thoughts while you are running. Listen to the music, let your mind wander and just do it. If you can manage that then the tendency to analyse the run - ie how much longer you have to run, or doubting whether you can make it, will go away and leave you free to succeed.

Yes, you may have achy calves or other niggles, but these tend to iron themselves out on the longer runs and actually ease up as long as you are pacing yourself, so push on and enjoy your running!!

Best of luck

Thank you :)

Thank you everyone for your advice and support. I am going pretty slow, i think I'm just unfit! I've been tempted to go back a week or two as I do feel as if some of the runs are too hard however I do get to the end each time (although it's at a snail's pace sometimes) so think it that I will try to just get on with it. Hopefully the breathing will come with time and improved stamina.

I'll see how week 6 goes. If I need to go back that's ok as long as I get there in the end :)

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AmisnanGraduate in reply to nettie-noodle

You will x

Thank you Amisnan :)

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