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Week 5 run 1 complete

Thanks all for your support. Completed run 1 of week 5 this morning and, without wishing to speak too soon, I feel ready for run 2 already.

Run 3 continues to bother me a bit (20 minutes) but I shall cross that particular bridge when I get to it.

One area where I did struggle a little bit this morning was with my breathing. I am trying my best to take large breaths in through my nose and exhale through my mouth but everything is going in and out of my mouth.

This works for me but does anyone have any tips for helping me with my breathing?

Thanks :)

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I could never manage to breathe in through my nose while doing the programme - just couldn't get enough air into my lungs. It is only over time that I have learned to be able to do this whilst doing an 'easy' paced run - ie by slowing everything right down. At this stage I would just say to breathe however you can! It's a technique to work at for the longer term.

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Just breathe normally. It's just one less thing to worry about

Enjoy your next run

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Well done, don't worry about run 3, you have worked through the programme you will be ready when it goes time to do it. I never thought I would get pass 5 minutes let alone up to 30! The programme works, just goes steady and enjoy your runs.

I most admit, I can't get the hang of breathing while running. Just breathe seemed the best I can do! It does seem to settle so try not worry just breathe normally.

Good luck with your progress :)

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Well done! :D


Well done! :D I struggle with the breathing in through nose and out through my mouth...I think I'm doing well just errrr breathing, full stop lol.

I do eventually get into a "breathe in through nose, 2 sharp puff puffs out of mouth" and that helps but I figure I need to learn to run thirty minutes and the rest will follow - I hope so.

I look forward to hearing how you (and i) get on with W5 R2 on Thursday :)


I always breathe in through my mouth too, not sure how much that has to do with swimming..I don't worry about it though, if I can get enough air to run that's perfect!


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