Week 1, Run 1

Did my first run this evening. Experimented with running a couple of years ago, but struggled with motivation by myself. I'm hoping the 5K programme will give me the structure and guidance I lacked last time - am determined to complete the whole 9 weeks, and feeling motivated after enjoying my first run (have to say, didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I really did!). Thought I'd throw myself into the community too, as a bit of extra motivation from hearing everybody else's stories!

Looking forward to joining you all :)


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10 Replies

  • Best of luck to you ... look around ... we are/were all doing W1R1 at one time, so don't be shy...let us know how you are coming along, and feel free to have a moan anytime it gets a bit much (I sure have)......lol

  • Welcome aboard :)

  • Welcome to the community of 'runners'. I've this morning finished Week 4 and am still doing what Laura says "a light jog", but the sense of achievement is tremendous. I hate to say "we're all in this together" but we really are here! Good luck and keep it up.

  • Congratulations on starting running again. This year will mark the 3rd or 4th time I attempted becoming a runner and yesterday I successfully completed my 2nd 5K. Don't give up! I did ever year before this one, but when I started running this time, I set a goal and signed up for my first 5k so that I wouldn't back out. That 5k will actually be my third I'm running since I started the program in March. There have been many a times when I felt defeated and started crying on a run when I just couldn't do it anymore, but as I'm learning, it's all part of the game.

    So I guess my best advice to you would be to pick an end goal so you have something to work up to and work on the weekly goals in between. I never imagined I could run three miles let alone one and yesterday I ran them in just under 40 minutes. As someone in the beer line said to me, "It really does get easier." I'm beginning to believe him. :) Good luck to you!!

  • Thanks very much, that is nice to hear! And congrats on your second 5K! :)

  • Good luck! I have just repeated Wk1 Run 1 , I am not ready for wk 2 yet I don't think. I need to do week 1 without totally suffering first! :)

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement everyone, it's great to hear everyone's stories! Inthesky, guess we'll be going through this together!! Just got back from W1R2, slightly achier than first run but on the whole I think it went better - a couple of day's rest now until run 3! :)

  • Hey i did week 1 run 1 yesterday so its nice to see a couple of people are around the same stage as me. Support and all that :)

  • I'm glad a few of you have just started. I have just down loaded the podcasts now and thought I'd join this too :). I am on my final night shift tonight so not gonna lie highly unlikely i'll summon the energy to start tonight! Tomorrow will hopefully be my first run! I have never been running in my life, even at school so not entirely sure what i'm letting myself in for buut here goes.... Good luck to you all!

  • Good luck guys!! I'm just about to head out for W2R2 (despite the rain clouds which are looming ominously... :/ ), well and truly hooked!! :)

    Keep us posted.

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