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Hi folks

I started my first week, run 1 this evening. Found it hard on the last jog, plus the heat today too, it was stifling.

I have raised blood pressure and my face after any training is crimson, lol. The podcast said I did 8 mins of running, I'd say about 7 mins, due to me stopping and just walking half way through the last one as I was just flagging by then.

Such an achievement thought, so I'm psyching myself up for the second run, lol.

Can't believe I ran in this heat though, raving mad 😂😂 Keep at it peeps 👍

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Well done. I am on W1R3. Going to start week 2 tomorrow but it's quite a big jump up - think it is 2 mins running! I have had enough by the end of each minute although I find I am ready to go before the end of the 90 second walk. Good luck for your next run!

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Yay!! I too was blood red in the face, my mum was slightly shocked when I saw her after the run!!! It doesn't matter how light the exercise is or how cool it is, I still 'glow' and not in a nice way!!

Well done on the first step of this journey!


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Aww, you're like me then, I was crimson and sweltering like anything. It's a wonder there weren't any crashes considering the sight of me lol.

Well done anyway, let's hope we can get through's going to be good for us, (she says encouragingly , lol) 😂 x

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You did better than i did W1R1. The only 60 sec run I managed was the last one! I did W6R1 this morning before it got too hot. It was tough but i did it. The programme is brilliant. Each run is doable and the progression is amazi g!!


Hi Maztink

Well done on getting this far. Keep going, you are nearly there now. I hope I can reach this far, haha, lol.


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