Week 2 run 1

This morning I have just completed week 2 run 1. Before I went out I had the mindset of I'll never be able to run 90 seconds. I managed it but I did it really slowly. I'm so proud of myself. I didn't let the thoughts in my head get to me. someone came with me who is on week 9 to help out and give me some tips and motivation which helped. I am so proud of myself and even managed it with back pain, even though now my back and legs are so sore. Yaaaaasss!

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  • Yay! Well done. Now you know that you can complete W2 :-)

  • Well done. You are already making progress. Make sure you stretch your legs and back - it will help stop them being sore. πŸ˜€

  • Lose that mindset and swap it for a positive one 😊 Much more useful ☺

  • Well done! Lots of people talk about a positive mindset when running in later weeks, but I think it helps to have one from the very beginning. The fact you've already done a week and haven't given up is a huge achievement, so pat yourself on the back, hold your head up high and think positive thoughts! It's taken me 11 weeks to get to week 6 - but I've managed to run each session and without the support from here and a 'give it a go' attitude, I would have given up long before now 😊

  • Well done strawberrysmoothie. You can do this - you are doing this and your fantastic for doing so. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Yaaaaaeessss indeed. Go you! Positive, positive, positive :)

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