Running................I just don't get it!

Running................I just don't get it!

Whenever I was out in the car and passed joggers I would always think to myself.......I just don't get it! I could never understand the enjoyment of pounding the roads, punishing their bodies and for what purpose! My boys always ran a lot, but they had too as they were both high level athletes and so fitness and stamina were the norm. I'm a golf pro I used to say, not a athlete!! Well today I will proudly announce to the world...............I ran my first 10k and in a very respectable time of 56mins and 54 seconds!What can I say but "I LOVE RUNNING" and totally get it!

Next goal, some 5K, 8k and 10k races and later in the year a half marathon?

NB: 10k is 1000 calories burned

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  • Fantastic, what a brilliant run/time. It should take at least a week before you stop smiling about this one. well done and good luck with your half marathon. Truly amazing :)

  • very respectable time indeed!

  • Well done on the 10k ...thats what I've got my sights on when I graduate here. Can I ask what app you are using to track your runs? I cant quite tell from your pic.

  • Very good time for 10k, really well done!

    I'm like you, never understood running at all, and now I bore all and sundry about it, but , alas, they all think I'm bonkers!!!

    Keep going, fellow runner! :)

  • My husband has perfected a very good eye roll when the word running is mentioned ...

  • lol

  • Hahaha mine too! He must have seen how perfect my eye roll was when football was mentioned. I taught him well :)

  • Well done, like you I used to think runners......dont get it, but now I do and I am looking forward to graduating and to facing my next running challenge

  • What a great time! Well done :)

  • Thanks guys.

    @KANdoit its the Nike + GPS app on my iphone. Quite frankly I don't think I could run without a GPS app of some description as it can really keep you motivated knowing your stats etc.

    @ gypsydepp, my mates think I'm nuts and nothing I say can convince them to run with me;-)

  • Thats fantastic! I think we may all have been brainwashed into the C25K cult. What's happened to us all?! :D

  • Fab time :)

  • Excellent....I can't wait until I get it! :)

  • get you.............running superstar or what!

  • Fantastic blog. Bring it on.

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