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Do you actually enjoy running?

Something littlejan said in her blog earlier made me think about this.

There were certainly times during the C25K where the enjoyment didn't come until Laura said "Well done, you can walk now" and I think that's understandable because it's all fairly new and it is hard work for most of us - but there were other runs where I enjoyed at least some of the actual running bits.

I heard a few people at running club saying that they don't really enjoy the running itself, they like the social side and they enjoy the feeling afterwards - and these were faster, more experienced runners than me.

I can't say I always enjoy every minute and the first 10-15 minutes are often a matter of persevering in the knowledge that it will feel better soon but I usually enjoy a good part of the run and I can honestly say that I enjoyed almost all of the 10k race I ran last weekend.

What do other folk think ?

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I can't really say I 'enjoy' my runs either before or during. I'm usually too busy psyching myself up or trying to breathe. But I certainly feel like I enjoyed it when it's done! I think when I can comfortably run for 30 mins and can be a bit more selective about where I run (ie. somewhere pretty, not necessarily flat) then I will begin to actually 'enjoy' it. Good to hear that you are getting enjoyment from your running. :)


I think i have the whole spectrum from loving through to hating with the average being some what in the middle. Well no I probably average more towards enjoying than neutral.

I enjoy the events, races, somewhere new, cross country. Less enjoy the routine runs but that is no different to any other activity in life I guess? The routine runs though are what allow you the more interesting ones.

I always enjoy the post run feeling, fitting clothes better and feeling healthier.

I am not sure it would be a reasonable expectation to think every minute will be fun, we all have those runs survived only by grinding your teeth to stubs after all.


+1 The bad makes the good better. If that makes sense?


Like Greg said, I enjoy the more adventurous runs, the pretty runs that are out of the ordinary. The usual 'routes' I take when running get monotonous real quick and that can sap the enjoyment from a run.

The first 5 minutes tend to be tough for me, but I love how it destresses or wakes me up depending on what time I go for a run.

I was at a Race for Life event today as my wife was taking part. Whilst waiting for Mrs Q to finish, there were a group of girls sat behind who had finished and found somewhere to sit in the shade. I overheard them all say that whilst running the race, they all siad to themselves that they'd never do it again - but now they've finished, they would all take part next time!

Everyone loves that post-run feeling, where your heart rate is elevated, your body is tingling and warm and you feel good for doing something active!


I never thought for one minute that I would enjoy running but since working my way through this programme I can honestly say that I do now. I get enormous pleasure running outdoors through lovely countryside in all weathers and get a great sense of achievement when I finish each run. Like everyone else I struggle sometimes to actually get out running especially when I am tired but the positives always outweigh the negatives.


I'm enjoying it so far - I'm on to Week 4 R2... Maybe as I'm a geek in other areas - I've become addicted to how fast I can run 1k/1M etc... I love seeing I'm improving as time passes. I guess I'm also luck to live in a nice area of Cornwall, so can pick interesting routes with nice views..

The only thing that worries me are big dogs with sharp pointy teeth (having had one such attached to my arm a couple of years back) On Friday as I'd almost finished I saw a Husky/Wold type dog running towards me - so I promptly turned back and ran back the way I'd just come from, so as to avoid the dog... I then had another Half a mile to get back home.....

And yep when Laura says "Well Done" you've finished - I punch the air like an Olympic champion (And hope nobodies looking!)


In a good phase I do enjoy just blatting out the 30 minutes day after other day (I am always somewhere pretty pleasant which helps). I'm not sure I could say that it is me enjoying running because at those times I don't even know I am running.


I have grown to enjoy it more and more as the months have gone on, and now I can't imagine life without it.


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