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Good luck all you Parkrunners, Race for Life runners, Race runners, Fun runners, New runners, Experienced (you notice I didn't say Old) runners, Young runners, Older runners, Fast runners, Slower runners, Interval runners, Fartlek runners, Trail runners, Track runners, Pavement runners, Fell runners, Marathon runners, HM runners, 10k runners, 5k runners, 1k runners and everything inbetween runners. Have a wonderful day. May you all be followed by a cool breeze on a warm day, and get home feeling invigorated and alive to discover someone else has done the housework whilst you were out. Happy Saturday folks xx


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25 Replies

  • Aw that's lovely AM. Just eating my porridge and then I'm off. Somehow don't think the housework will be done when I'm out as hubby is on the golf course 😏

    Are you venturing out today? x

  • Enjoy your run, Princess. Hope hubby has a change of heart and decides the housework is more urgent than golf. No, no run for me, back still sore, so daren't risk it. Soon though I hope xx

  • Fingers crossed ☘☘☘xxx

  • Wishing you a super run too☺

  • Thank you ddd4, I'll bank your good wishes for when I can run :)

  • Ah lovely post EM , bless ya little cotton socks :-)

    Are you off the IC yet ? Hope you're feeling better xxx

    I'm off to Leeds to meet my Sis , but have got a 10k training run tomorrow .

    Happy Running everyone ! :-) xxx

  • Cheers Pops. I've still got my twinge-y back so won't risk it yet even though I'm sure it's on the mend.

    Have fun in Leeds, I'm heading up to God's Own next weekend for a flying visit. xx

  • Someone else has done the housework! Ha! They're all still in bed. Why are you on the IC?

  • Time to start crashing around to get the family up and doing, methinks Bop.

    I've got a twinge-y back at the moment so I'm being sensible :(

    Happy running :)

  • Oh that's bad luck. What are you doing about it? Just resting?

  • Just resting. I aught to book a physio appointment or sports massage or something I suppose but I keep hoping it's going to clear up on its own. Hope springs eternal, as they say (also saving up for our holiday!) x

  • Bless you AM. Hope you have a good day and avoid too much housework. I'm just back from the local farmers market and aiming to go for a runette later on but I'm a wee bit tender from yesterdays massage. A run might just help though. 😆

  • Oh a runnette, Gotta love a runnette. Enjoy yourself, Sweetie

  • Non run today, but managed a brisk 5 mile walk before brekkie, 20 squats, ( and I had not eaten any badness either yatesco ) then gardening, gardening, gardening.. working off the energy and the remaining few grouch gremlins:)

    Watercress soup and home made bread now.. yummy!

  • Yumm, watercress soup -love it! You're a busy lady, Floss. All these squats happening at the moment -Rig would be proud of us all :) :)

  • I think he would... I hope Rignold is holding out.. I miss his awesomeness :)

  • PS.. everyone else, enjoy the rest of your day and a lovely post AncientMum x

  • Cheers m'dear :)

  • There are an awful lot of different types of runners aren't there?!!!

  • We're a very versatile bunch, Sweetie ;)

    Hope the spam wars are going well today xx

  • I returned hot & bothered from Park run, to find out I *must* do some digging in the garden. Thanks for that

    😥 :)

  • Ah but, could be worse Finchy, you could be cleaning the oven and doing the ironing. Always look for the silver lining :)

  • Totally agree,,,,,, oven cleaning yuksters!!!

  • Thank you Carrie, I'm just beginning to really enjoy my running again, gawd but it takes a while doesn't it? You'll get back out there, you're my twin so you have to xxxx

  • Thank you Twinnie, so glad you're feeling the love again. I was in the throws of full blown adoration before the twinge set in. Can't wait to get out there again. ❤️❤️❤️

    Back definitely feeling better, just need to be patient for a wee bit longer....


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