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This running lark never stops surprising you...

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Three runs this week the first two were rubbish relatively speaking. I ran in the evening after particularly bad days at work and they were tortuous from beginning to end, heavy legged, heavy hearted, muggy weather.

I am not looking for sympathy I hope you understand sometimes it goes that way and I did still squeak out 9 and 10k respectively but they were slow and just teeth gritting from the get go. Loads slower than I would normally do that distance.

Well today I did a ParkRun just to shake the cobwewbs aways away (bearing in mind the tough 10k was yesterday) and I knocked 16 seconds off my PB! 16 seconds! I can't remember the last time I took a bite out like that; for a while I have been reeling it in but slowly-slowly then a big old bite! Pretty chufffed, not to say amazed. I just don't know what changed since yesterday except for the time of day maybe......

Anyways I think the moral of the story is those tough runs sometimes seem to go on for ages and ages but you just never ever know when suddenly it will, for no apparent reason, suddenly all just click back into place unlooked for.

A tough run is 100% better than no run however much it hurts at the time, there is always a good one round the corner (so far!).


18 Replies
Grammadog1947 profile image

Good job, you!

lol...most of my runs are still tooth gritting slogs. I realize tho, that I've only been running 3 months (and a few days), I'm still carrying way too much weight, and I haven't run NEAR enough miles yet. (I'd like to think the mind searing runs are training for the mental part of running.)

But then, like you say, one day you just blow the cobwebs out and have a really good run. I wonder if it is like this for the Olympic runners...?

Have you done any more fell running?


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Greg_MGraduate in reply to Grammadog1947

He he I wish!

I am of up to the Lakes in September to walk some short stretches of the "Bob Graham Round" just to end that dream :-)

If you haven't come across the BGR check it out its an inhuman feat :-|

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tantrumbeanGraduate in reply to Greg_M

Try the Wicklow Round - Moire O'Sullivan's book on that wore me out from the comfort of my sofa! :-(

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Oh thanks I will, not come across that one.

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fantastic, Greg_M, and so good to hear it how important it is to take the rough with the smooth. I can't imagine running 10k, so well done- inspirational! :)

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Well done with16 seconds off your pb: it must seem unreal, even more so when you were not expecting it :)

I expect all the 10k's are adding up to building strength, even if they feel torturous sometimes.

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I empathise with you over the hard slogs... I've had a few of those myself recently. Wonderful news about your PB!

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this is fantastic to hear. makes you realise that its not just you that has bad or tough runs. even those who keep running have bad runs. I say that cause it is taking me time to build back up to 30mins or more after having a little break (month off more or less) & routine all over the place with kids off school.

well done on the 16seconds. that is an amazing amount of time to knock off. so what is your PB now?? parkrun is 5k isnt it?

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

Yup park run is 5k. 22:40 this week.

I am still hoping to reach that golden plateau where there are no bad runs but looking at those that fell by the wayside in the Olympic marathons I suspect I shouldn't be holding my breath.

Best of luck with the build up, I am sure it will come quicker than you think.

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shelleymcbGraduate in reply to Greg_M

ha. thats a fantastic time. & to be able to knock time off aswell. wow, you were going lightning fast :)

my race for life time was 34.50mins ~ my excuse is that I walked with daughter no 3 as she wasnt up to running all the way :) daughter no 2 however came in at under 32mins & she hasnt run for a few months now, since finishing c25k. the winner there had about the same time as you.


laj1987 profile image

22:40!?!? That's also Mo Farrah speed, we will be seeing you in Rio 2016 :D Congratulations in beating your PB.

Deryn61 profile image

Well done Greg, but sorry mate, I don't think that "no bad runs nirvana" exists, its a myth :-)

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to Deryn61

Unfortunately I fear you may be right.

Still you are nothing without your dreams right!


newyorker570 profile image

Great time well done. love reading your blogs. :) Sounds pretty fast to me, I can only wish he he

Brilliant work, and wise words as ever. 22:40 is stunningly good, inspirational :)

gypsydepp profile image

22.40 ? 22.40 ? Blimey ! Will I ever get there ? :)

Greg_M profile image
Greg_MGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

yeah, I started the same place as you huffing and puffing 30 secs, just a bit longer ago thats all! No mystery.

Oh and my jet skates helped :-)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to Greg_M

can i borrow your skates?

well done on your PB

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