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OK, so I'm not the world's greatest runner. But since graduating in November I have kept up with 3 runs a week, mainly with the C25+ podcasts. Despite flu and other more important "problems" I have been pretty consistent as the band of runners on Garmin will have noticed. I have dropped a dress size. I feel physically OK although a bit drained with looking after Dad and stuff.

Never in 8 months have I given up on a run -- maybe I've had a bad one, maybe I've slowed down, but I always made it to the end. So what the heck went wrong yesterday? It was a short 3K WALK for charity. Note -- WALK -- not a run. But, as the gun went off, all the others started running like crazy. Like Usain Bolt. As in fast. After 100 - 150 yards, I gave up and walked, coming in last. So, is it me? The day before I had comfortably run over 4k in 30 minutes. Could it be because of the lack of warm-up -- there was no 5 minute walk or stretching, just "bang" and they all ran. Not only, but I never ever short of breath any more, so what the hell went wrong yesterday? Was it a question of local (Italian) anarchy? A charity walk that turned into a 3K sprint for good runners? Sorry for the un-PC remark but I'm well and truly peeved! I thought I was fit. I'm obviously not!


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33 Replies

  • Oh dear, a stroll masquerading as a sprint, sounds horrible. Don't be put off, you are obviously a lot fitter than you were previously. I think speed is the key and if they all went off like bats out of hell then it is possibly very different from setting your own pace. Hoping you go from strength to strength.

  • Well, no way am I going to get into sprinting at my age and time of life!

  • Sorry to hear this, Delia.I think you hit it on the head when you say "there was no 5 minute walk or stretching". I find it always takes my body about 5 minutes to wake up and enter run mode.

    P.S. "un-PC" is good, it shows a certain independence and the courage to say what you think! Too many thought-police around these days.

  • PLUS they were all very very elegant and well groomed as you can imagine! Actually it takes me 5 - 10 minutes to get my pace and then I get better and better as I move towards the half hour mark.

    Who cares! Life is a marathon, not a sprint! :-)

  • Sorry to hear about that - it obviously wasn't what was advertised and you have every right to be disgruntled. Sounds to me like you have done incredibly well never to have given up on a run - I don't know if I'm coming or going since graduating. Did 40 mins last weekend - and have stopped at about 25 mins twice since feeling my lungs might explode. Put it down to a bad day - you are doing great with the running.

  • Gosh Ancient, you're from Carshalton! I went to school in the Croydon area and graduated in Warlingham -- very, very hilly :-)

  • My part of Carshalton is at the centre of all the hills so I just run around the bottom of them!! Will have to force mysef up a few soon.

  • Sounds like a whole lot of people showing off, don't give it another thought, Delia. But you were right to be mad and it doesn't sound like 'proper' runners (like us :-) ) to me. You'll know to avoid it the next time.

    I wish we had parkruns like in the UK, they sound fun. Mind you I'm still a bit off 5K. Me and my knees treadmilled this morning and did 3.9K (how annoying is that, if I'd noticed I'd have done another 10 seconds :-D ) in 30 mins so we're getting back to where we were so rudely stopped last November...

    Enjoy what you're doing! :-)

  • Hiya Mitts!

    Yes wish we had parkruns -- but they would be chaos here in Italy ungovernable as we are!

    Even yesterday was hilariously disorganized! It was pure piss up in a brewery style! My 12-year old ran with others born in 2000. Loads of other 12 year olds cheated and ran with those born in 2002 so that they would run less! And as for the adults. Cheats! They did things like take shortcuts. Hilariously stereo-typical! And yes I am being soooooo un-PC :-)

    Anyway, how on earth did we lose it this winter when we were such stars in November? Spring is coming I'm sure! Loce xox Delia

  • I would have been mad at that event too Delia, to advertise an event as a 'charity walk' should be just that not a mad dash. They aren't doing the charity any favours either as people will be put off taking part in future. Well done for doing the 3K and I'm most impressed that you have never given up on a run thats worth a big pat on the back for sure.

    Your event made me think of my old gym though, the serious members were the ones who came out of their workout looking a big worse for wear in old well used kit. The posers came out of the gym looking as if they were modeling their designer gear with not a hair out of place. I rest my case. You rock girl and keep up the good work.

  • Welcome back Oldgirl! I see you had a great time in Cuba. It's lovely to see the old crowd on here again!

    Yes, indeed, the poseurs hahahahah!

    Mad dash indeed, I'm still fuming! xox Delia

  • Less of the 'old' young Delia!!! If you were to put your running shoes on now and get out there I bet it would be one of your best runs ever. I know when I'm mad or frustrated about something a good run always puts it right. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I hope things are a bit easier on you as regards to family issues.

  • I can understand why you felt so disappointed with yesterday's charity walk! I'd be spitting mad that the others saw it as a race and sprinted off. And even worse that folks were cheating and allowing the children to cheat too! What a bad example for the adults to show to the children.

    You did well to continue and complete the 3km. Well done to you.

  • Do you happen to have a degree in psychology? Swan, you are great!

  • No, common sense. :-)

  • Sounds crazy Delia, your description didn't half make me laugh - lots of driven folk with hidden agendas by the sounds of it. Hope you will shrug it off & enjoy your Italian Sunday lunch. :-)

  • I had a great lunch thank you very much. Huge plate of pasta in tomato sauce followed by spare ribs and roast green, yellow and red peppers. Shall run it off tomorrow hahaha :-)

  • What went wrong you ask? Well that's obvious. You were the only one who turned up to do the charity WALK. Everyone else just either can't read, or turned up to the wrong event!

  • Funny you should say that TJ, but Clarrissa's gym teacher was really angry because of insurance problems. There was an ambulance standing by of course, but she was worried in case someone fell (as many actually did!) and hurt themselves when they were supposed to be walking as opposed to running!

  • Yep, a run advertised as a walk, that's what went wrong! To be in a walk zone in your head and then suddenly have to change it to a running zone in a split second would have floored a lot us I'm sure.....plus what's the point of carrying on if they are just cheating anyway?! :x Pah! You are better than that Delia; go enjoy your run tomorrow and be done with them there posers ;)

    Sue x

  • Sue, how do you do the angry face?!

  • Its : x but with no space between them :x !


  • Thanks Sue!

  • Oh dear! Don't knock yourself. Just keep the 3 times a week building up and get on the way you have been doing all this time. And try feeling a little smug for not cheating or doing what the others were doing.

  • You rock, Delia! I'd agree with everyone else - you were the only sensible one there. :)

    Load of old posers!

  • No fair, Delia! I think it was awful for it to turn from a pleasant, altruistic charity walk to a killer sprint race. I bet you were raging! Don't feel in the least bit worried about your fitness - would you have signed up for an Usain Bolt-type sprint? I think not! You are a star and the fact that you've persevered with all your runs (which is more than I've done) means that you are committed and your body's nicely trained! WHY is it that people get so competitive and turn everything into a showing-off exercise? Rise above it, they are on a lower evolutionary plane than you are!!!! We think you're brilliant! X

  • Thanks Sweetie! Just done a speed podcast and am totally cream-crackered. It's spring here in Italy and we say "Aprile dolce dormire" - "April sweet sleeping" which is I think what I'd rather be doing than running round the park! Soon be Spring down your way too xox delia

  • I like the sound of Aprile dolce dormire. We seem to be in the grip if the White Witch from Narnia here, never-ending winter, getting a bit sick of slush and cold now, though I adore proper snow! Love Speed, might do it later on today. Short if not altogether sweet! X

  • Funny Soozz but I felt much fitter when I was actually doing the programme than now that I'm a graduate! Maybe you need some sort of goal or something. I dunno, whether it's spring or the absence of a goal, but somehow I was kind of "better" back in November! xox

  • Don't you worry about it, Delia - I bet they were all very sore the day after :D I know what you mean though, and how awful that they cheated! What's the point of that?

    I was just looking at your response to Soozz up above. I really struggled after graduation, and it was only when I set myself new targets that I've re-discovered some enthusiam. And roll on Spring - we will all feel so much better then!

  • Yes, how odd -- guess we do need targets otherwise, how boring! It is beautifully spring-like today, but i believe we're in for bad weather from the west (UK?) as from tomorrow boo hoo :x

  • I'm the same, I just get going again with my running and then it snows or is icy or something, which means I have to break myself in again, and then it snows or is icy again....I also miss my 6 a.m. runs on my own in the quiet and fresh air - it's just too cold and gloomy at the moment. Having said that, I had a fab run on Sunday morning, ran for over an hour through mud and up and down hills and through streams! with my friend Penny urging me on! My trusty Brooks shoes HAD to go in to the washing machine, though, they were absolutely wrecked. I know you shouldn't wash them but there was no choice. Time for some new shoes, maybe????

  • Yes, I've read they shouldn't go in washing machines! I run mine under the shower and I get a great sense of cleansing watching all the crap slide off and down the plughole :-D

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