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Should I move to Wk 4

Decided to give the c2k5 ago after numerous people around me took it up. I'm overweight and have found each week difficult, I should be starting wk 4 today but I not sure I should. Wk 3 was difficult, my breathing is still very heavy and each 3 minute run was difficult for me. I’m not sure I should move on until I can complete a 3 minute without huffing and puffing so much. Any advice?

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everybody huffs and puffs. I know that when you see others run it looks as if they're sailing along, but it's not true! You might be expecting too much if you think you have to continue at the same stage until each one becomes easier. I think you should trust the programme and give wk 4 a chance. Are you going too fast? Slow down so that your breathing is easier but don't stop running.


I REALLY disliked week 3, massively so. Got no idea why!

Week 4 was a big improvement and I am due to finish week 5 with my next run. I really enjoyed week 4 and 5 a lot more than week 3. But I still do huff and puff, no doubt. I'd say try week 4 run1 and see how it goes?


I agree with Eliza. As the weeks go on, the walking really gets in the way and destroys our rhythm. It's wholly understandable why the programme is built like it is and it pushes you to your limit every run so you can advance to the next day.

Trust the schedule and give it your best. You can always go back if you really need to. But, you probably won't!! :-)


I agree with all the blogs so far.... the program is designed to push you and increase your fitness at every stage.

Slow down a bit and trust Laura!

She's got LOADS of people through this!

The improvements you notice in weeks 4 and 5 are amazing!

You still huff and puff and go bright red, but you can do it for longer!!!!

Good luck and keep us posted! :)


Many thanks for your comments, I did trust Laura and I did it. Wk 4, run 1 is done. I'm really chuffed, let's see how I do on Wednesday.

Thanks again


Congrats beginner. I'm also doing week 4 run 2 on Wednesday. Isn't it amazing how the body manages it, even if you don't think you'll make it each run? I always start off with real doubts right up to when I start running and then the body takes over. We're doing great. Very good luck with the next run. We've run 5 minutes now, so we know we can do it!


Dont worry beginner, it's suppose to be hard! What i found (and i think i am in a similar position to you) was that the work each week prepared me for the next reach, despite those challenges seeming impossible.

I am on my second time round going a bit faster, and i have noticed that my breathing is one of the biggest problems. Just drop your speed a bit. It is sooooo much easier to run at 7kph than at 10 or kph.

You can and will be able to do it. Trust the programme. The battle at this point starts to get mental. Your mind is telling you you cant possibly be able to do it. But you can!


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