Wk 4 R2

I'm not sure how or why, but run 2 this week was so much harder than run 1! Maybe it was because I knew I COULD do it, having done it once already? In any case, for the first time so far it was my legs that were struggling by the end rather than my lungs so I'll assume I'm making progress! Does anyone else have arguments with Laura in their heads? Like 'Are you SURE I'm only half way? Really? I'm sure you meant to say I've only got one minute left, not two and a half!' She keeps me going though but I'm really hoping run 3 is just a bit easier!


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12 Replies

  • you will have those arguments with the head gremlins always not just on C25K , you have already done it :D so you can and will do it :D half the battle here is mental as much as physical :)

  • Hi I did second run this week and also found it hard.My legs were killing me .The next day my legs were still hurting . Not been out since ,will really have to push myself to try again.Good luck.

  • Hey Rosie we've come this far, right? I'm off for a soak in the bath to try and stave off the aches. I feel great now but chances are I'll feel like you do tomorrow! Just try and remember the sense of achievement each time.

  • I swear that last 5 minutes especially when she says half way through I'm like you must be joking! I always find the middle run harder for some reason I don't know! I have the same thing about my leg hurting more than I am out of breath. I talk to my legs like come on just a few more steps let alone arguing with Laura!

  • Arguing with Laura is one of my favourite things about the podcasts! It never failed to take my mind of what I was actually doing just so I could argue with her properly in my head. Though I do think I muttered out loud a few times judging by some of the looks I got :-P

    You are definitely making progress :-) your legs are being pushed, just make sure to give them a right good old stretch afterwards :-) keep going! Xxx

  • Yay!!

    I am thinking of doing my week9 run without Laura tomorrow. I know it's ultra controversial but I get really cross with her especially when she tells me I should be in a nice steady rhythm and I'm patently dying!

    If I'm not arguing with the voice in my head screaming "no!! You don't have to do this again!!! You can stop!!" I'm arguing with Laura...

  • I just keep thinking that Laura would still be telling me I was doing great even if I was lying in the gutter waiting for an ambulance!

  • Me too! Ironically my phone died today in the cold so I did do run 2 of week 9 without Laura (or music, or any kind of timer) and I loved it. I'm not a big responder to being told I'm doing well...I find proving people wrong easier ;)

  • Hi

    I've just done week 4 run 3 tonight. I found run2 hard on Monday but I played tennis on Sunday and my legs felt really tired. Tonight was better, so hopefully you'll have a better third run. I don't really argue with Laura and trust her implicitly but when she said on the first 3 minute run "How are you feeling?" I shouted back out loud exactly how I was feeling, which cannot be repeated here! It seems to be working though. Week 4 was certainly a step up but I can do it! If you'd told me I could run 5 minutes on week 1 I'd have laughed.

    Good luck!

  • Hi , you will most likely storm through Run 3 !

    Dont know what it is but I always found Run 2 of each week a bit Meh

    I think its because Run 1 is exciting cos its all new, Run 3 is exciting cos its the last one of that week and youre moving on, and Run 2 is just , well, Run 2 ! :-)

    Anyway, a run is a run and you are doing so well . So keep going and keep posting . Good Luck ! :-D xxx

  • I finished the same run about an hour ago and I found it harder too. It is quite windy here so I am putting it down to that. I have noticed that the breathing side of things is much easier but my knees are really sore.

  • Thanks all! I did R3 today and you're all right, it was easier! It means I can move on to week 5 with a bit less fear. My legs aren't too bad either, but at some point in the next couple of weeks I'm going to treat myself to some new trainers. Then I've really got to keep going to make them pay for themselves....

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