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Wk 6 blues

I managed wk 5 r3 - not exactly with ease, but without actually stopping. Then wk 6 run 1 came hard - it was raining and windy but I really struggled. Then had two day gap and today did wk 6 run 2. Managed both 10 minute runs but really struggled again. Think I might have gone too fast at the start and also had aching muscles from exercise class last night, but still - am very disheartened and not confident about the 25 minute on Saturday. Any tips/thoughts/encouragement??

And when should I be able to do a 5k parkrun in under 45 minutes? I only do about 3km in the whole 30 minutes at the moment - and that includes warm up/warm down walks.

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1.) Everyone gets brought down to Earth with a bump by W6R1. Just have a search in here. No-one really knows why. Perhaps its all relative after the elation of W5R3. Don't worry. Its normal. However, if you think you may have gone out too fast, you did. Slow down.

2.) Whenever you achieve it. Some people do it straight out of the gate, others after 3 weeks, others 3 months, others a year, some never. There is no set progression timewise. When you are able to you'll do it. I know that sounds really unhelpful but the secret is to work on improving where you are now, not worrying about how long it will take to get to X time/pace.


Hi ucandothis, you certainly can. Everybody have runs that they feel didn't go to well. Don't harp on them and just add them to experience. Week 6 often catch people out. Just take it a little easier and don't worry about distance.

Regarding park runs finish the program first and then start the park runs. It is then you can build up your distance to 5k. Don't forget you can walk some of the way, or all the way, around the park run course, so don't fret over it. It to be enjoyed.

Look at how far you have come, u can do it, so close to graduation.

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If you look back a few posts there is this exact post written. I am on Wk 6 run 2 and felt exactly the same as you!


As you will be guessing..this is very much the norm... Try not to focus on what is coming, but what you are doing now and have done! Including heading out in wind and rain :)

Enjoy the now and be confident that the programme will take you through to the finish line.

You can do this...everyone has struggle days for whatever reason...( read my posts!!!)

What is it folk say..?

"Don't think too much, you'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place"


I think the aim at the moment is just to build up stamina. Speed comes (if ever) after graduation. Going too fast at the moment would probably lead to injury. And really who cares how fast we go at this stage? For most of us it's not a race, just a way of getting fit and having fun.


Thanks folks, wise as usual! I'm actually looking forward to run 3, I'm determined to conquer it!


I've just done Week 5 Run 3 with a club. After my initial concerns it turns out they have been my saviours. I still don't look forward to it but I don't want to let them all down. I am, like you, feeling a bit 'flat' and am feeling as if I haven't had any opportunity to 'consolidate' and of course the group want progression because although it's a Beginners course, some of them are 'Return to Running' people! I had a bit of a moan that I'd never completed a week 'in style' actually 'owning' the run... but they say that established runners feel like that and I need to trust the programme. We also run in the woods and there are inclines which kill me (I'm running standing still). I'm going to try and 'shake off' the blues even though the whole thing is becoming a chore, and see what happens. I'm 5'3 and 14stone and if I need inspiration I watch the 'This Girl Can' video and just take a step back to consider that being fat and fit is better than being fat and standing by the biscuit tin and I'm out there doing something!


A brilliant philosophy! I am beginning to think I have no endorphins - despite feeling proud at the end of a run, my main feeling is relief! I haven't yet 'hit that high' [to pinch a phrase from Wham]. A group sounds a good idea - think I'll look for one.


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