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Not run for 5 days, where should I get back on track??

I last went for a run 5 days ago, that was wk4 run 2, I missed run 3 on friday (due to alcohol related illness!) and I feel guilty, mainly due to all the hangover junk food I had on friday! I had a healthy weekend and I'm ready for a run tonight.

Not sure if i should start wk 4 again or just do the last wk 4 run then continue with wk 5 or just start wk 5??? advice welcome!

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Do the last run of week four again and see how it goes. If you find it's comfortable- then carry on. Five days isn't a huge amount of time overall, so if you were happy in run one + two I suspect you'll be fine with run three!

Just remember, if you find week four fine and then find run one of week five too hard you can always drop back to doing another week of run four.


I agee just pick up were you left off 5 days isnt that long and whats the worst that can happen is you have to repeat it but I am sure you will be fine.


I just missed 5 days because of a residential event I was running at work. I went out today for the first day since last Wednesday, and just did the next one in the sequence (ie the last one I'd done was w4 r3, today I did w5r1). I didn't find it harder for the break - I think it was a good chance for my legs to recover a bit!

I'd do w4 r3 in your situation - missing runs isn't a good idea, but there's no need to repeat sessions just because you have a few days off. It's bound to happen at some point due to illness or whatever.


thanks everyone, I went out last night and managed to do wk4 r3, very tough but glad I got back on my horse! :-)


I just did wk4 r3 after a 20 day break and I was amazed that I hadn't lost the gains I had made.


I went on vacation for a month after week 7 run 3. I returned last week and tried to do the 25 min run again and I was perfectly fine. In fact, it felt easier because of the break I gave my body. You will be fine! Go for it :)


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