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Week 2 Run 2, getting better!

Went for the second run of week 2 yesterday and felt a lot better compared to the first run. I went out a little later this time at 8am but the weather was a lot cooler.

My muslces didnt seem to hurt as much this time and i was finding the breathing a lot eaier. I was also making a concious effort to go at a steady pace which i think is what made the most difference.

Really looking forward to the last run of week 2, this will be on hills though and on grass as i will be at my parents house in the country, but this will make a nice change i'm sure.

One thing i would like to know though is how people manage to run in the rain with the podcasts? i have an arm strap for my iphone and sports earphones but i dont think these would hold up in the rain. Would be great to hear your suggestions.

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And it just gets better! Well done you. Sorry don't know about arm straps etc as I've got a little shuffle thing. Keep up the good work :)


Well done! I'm glad it felt better for you. I'm doing run 3 tomorrow morning and I hope it turns out to be easier. Are you doing it tomorrow too? I only wish we didn't have to have days of rest - I start to lose my nerve a bit, even though I know its going to be great even if its hard work.

I don't know about the rain - I hadn't thought about it. My sister bought a teeny weeny mp3 off Amazon for about £6 which works well. She said it's the size of a postage stamp and clips on to your clothing. Maybe this is a good idea for the early days?

Good luck with number 3!!


Hi Nevertoolate,

I will be doing the thrid run of week 2 tomorrow too, probably about 3 in the afternoon, so fingers crossed the weather isnt too wet!

I think i'm going to follow in your footsteps and buy a small mp3 player from amazon too, dont really like the idea of my iphone getting wet in the rain. do you know if the podcasts are compatible with the smaller clip mp3 players?

Best of luck to you also with run 3 and look forward to hearing your progress!


Hi and good luck this afternoon! I just (about) managed the third run. I'm pretty sure my stamina is getting better but this time it was my thighs that had trouble in the last run - they were, oh so heavy! I'm going to put it down to a bad run, as I've read elsewhere in the forum, and carry on to week 3 Monday. Let me know how you get on?

The little mp3 mysister got works fine with Laura's podcasts - she says the only problem is she needs to put her specs on to read it - otherwise fine - this is the link


My armstrap doesn't seem to let water in ( its a little case) I put an Alice band over my head to keep the headphones in my ears so this keeps them from getting too wet. Not quite sure how you'd feel about wearing one of those though ;)


Hi Sarah

Glad to hear that your armstrap holds up in the rain, i'm still going to be a little nervous as mine was only £2 from amazon!

I did play with the idea with a sweat band to hold the earphones in but i might look a little bit eighties/ 118 advert so i'll have to look at investing in decent sport ones!


Mines only a cheap run:365 one from JJB ( only one that was big enough to fit my htc). Plus I would go for a vibrant Alice band - embrace the 80s :) I picked mine up from a festival, its got a secret weed pocket apparently, I don't use it for that.


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