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week 9 run 2

Hiya, well today I went above and beyond my wk 9 run 3.

The rain started about 2mins in and steadily got heavier and heavier. At 30 mins Id just about done 2miles. Daz said that I had to make my 2miles, then it was lets go to that corner, then 'we're near the bird hut', after that I just kept running.

I finally stopped at 2.60miles 41mins 32secs - the longest and furthest that Ive ever ran!

Downside, I was very very wet!! The waterproof I was wearing was absolutely soaked through! Still very fun though! Definately feeling it tonight though in my knees!

Run 3 and the end of my C25K journey (at least the 9 week plan) will be at an end. However, Im definately not stopping - gonna keep at it and try and get my 5k!! After that, who knows, I may even go for a 10K run!!

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Envious - I wanted rain !

Well done !


Well done you :) Am feeling very envious of anyone that has made it out this week!


Done my week 9 run 2 in the rain too and ran for 35 mins as my i pod kept jumping ??? water logged.

One more to go.


Mine was a wettish one too and my phone does not function well in the wet so I was worried. But I did also have to do the strange dance that stripping off my hoody involves whilst not stopping.


Well done, you have done brilliantly (I have not had to run in more than drizzle so far!). I did a parkrun a few weeks after I managed to get to 5k - didnt think I would like it but my big sis persuaded me! It was a lot of fun, so if there is one in your area I warmly suggest you have a go!


I would do a park run, and there are several in the area where I live, only downside is that I work Saturdays so am unable to go to them :( But on up side, Ive been looking at the course layouts, and may attempt them on my days off!!


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