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Week 7 run 1....fantastic. Week7 run 2....not so fantastic

I loved the first run I did on sunday morning I set my alarm for early morning and loved every minute of the run, High points all the way.

Today a different matter. The weather was too hot, the smallest of inclines felt to steep and my legs really ached today, And I hated every minute of it. I really wanted to give up, but some how I managed to finish the session. I hope thursday's run will be better.

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We all have bad runs, just pick yourself and on to the next (good) one. Well done for finishing.

I tend to go out around 6 am to stay out of the heat and you may want to slow down a bit if the heat gets too much and don't forget to drink loads.


Tough run BUT despite that you did it! Focus on this and the fact that this is how it was TODAY...Never easy in the hot weather and i struggled likewise last week when i did an early evening run but far happier now back to mornings. Good luck and well done for persevering and completing it!


I found week 7 hard work and definitely a case of mind over matter. You beat the difficult one so you can do it again.

Good luck, hope W7R3 is more enjoyable. Why not set yourself the challenge of enjoying it all, rather than doing it quickly ? Plan a new, more scenic route, perhaps.


I am on week 7 at the moment too. I failed to finish the first run twice due to the heat but I am determined to finish the run tomorrow. Well done for perservering and finishing your run. From the advice people have given to me the key is to stay positive and not dwell on bad runs. Good luck for Thursday :)


Thanks everybody, I'm not going to let that session get me down. I'm starting to look forward to tomorrow's run again.


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