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Skipped Week 6 Runs 1&2

Hi All,

I was a bit naughty. I decided to skip W6R1 and W6R2 because I felt after 20 mins of W5R3 that I could carry on running (and actually did for a bit). I'd rather be concentrating on the long runs rather that dilly dallying with shorter ones when I'm running out of time.

I'm aiming towards Race For Life on 15th July (Worthing - anyone going?!) and then to be fit and toned for my wedding (and consequently, honeymoon) in early August.

I'm technically not losing much weight but am losing inches. Mainly trying to get rid of some of my bum but it's not really going from there. I'm eating healthily and taking HFCS completely out of my diet (can't believe they're allowed to put that stuff in our food!!).

Anyway...onwards and upwards! Week 7 Run 1 on Wednesday!


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Good luck to you. I admire your determination, and understand that you want to be ready for the 5K on the 15th. If you feel well running 25 minutes each run, then that is awesome. Personally, I found that I started getting tired - I could run a long run once or twice, but then struggled to complete another one without a break. If you have that experience, my advice would be to be gentle with yourself, and not get discouraged. It is a big jump going from intervals of 5 or 8 minutes to one 20 minute run and then constant 25+ minute runs. If you find that you aren't quite able to do it all the time, you can always back up a step.

Remember, you are doing great things for yourself, and toning your body, with every step, regardless of the week you are on. And many people walk a bit in 5K races. I totally understand if your goal is to run the whole way, but if you haven't quite given yourself enough time to train fully for that event, you aren't failing if you want/need to walk a little. As for your wedding in August, I am sure you can be at 5K by then, and loving it.

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Well done on your progress! Outstanding!!

Just a personal view on this: I found that by doing the whole of week 6, my stamina and indeed my recovery time improved considerably into my week 7 run today, which is why I think the runs are designed for that very purpose. Even though the shorter runs, on paper look needless after the 20 minutes run of week 5, they served an important lesson for me, nonetheless to make sure that I take EVERY run seriously, regardless of length! Week 6, Run 1 was probably the hardest I've had to date.

Just thought I'd add a different slant on this, just in case someone is thinking of skipping runs.

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The programme has been tried and tested and works, so if you feel you have made a mistake in missing out on some runs you can always go back to them. They do try and encourage you to cover every run but you should listen to your body, the first sign of any pain or injury should be taken seriously. Good luck with the rest of the programme and your race. August will be here before you know it too, an exciting time for you.


Just make sure you rest between runs and listen to your body and I'm sure you will be fine

Good luck :)


Feel free to send out the wedding invites!!! I'm available August ;-)


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