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Nu Shooz!!!

Had gait analysis at Sweatshop Manchester on Friday (I must say I was very very impressed with the service and would recommend them to anyone on here in the Manchester area that hasn't used them before!), and came out with a gorgeous, and oh so comfy pair of Asics Cumulus :-)

I've been out tonight to road test them and my goodness they're good! I'd started to experience really sore shins towards the end of week 2 and was starting to be a little hesitant as to whether I was ready to move on to w3. So off I went this evening, and I am pleased to say that so far so good....a nice lack of shin pain :-) And more importantly I felt really comfortable with the step up on W3.

I still have to keep pinchng myself as I still can't quite believe I'm getting so addicted to this running (well, more like jogging) lark :-D

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I'm with you all the way, I love my Asics too. Good luck with the programme you'll fly now in your new shoes!!!


Thanks! I really hope so! I've just signed up for a Race for Life as my graduation run, so I've got a very worthy target to aim for! x


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