Nu Shooz

Nu Shooz

I made the 200-mile trip back to Southend yesterday, and after Skyping the boyf I went out for Week 7, Run 2. I checked my weather app before I left the house, which suggested that it was about 14C. I decided against putting on the running shorts I'd bought, but I didn't forget to put on my new shoes! On my final full day in the Potteries, I dragged my sister around Sports Direct to help me to pick some new shoes. Initially I was going to invest in some running shoes after graduation, but I decided that enough was enough - expecting to not feel the brunt of running on concrete in £8 trainers from Primark was not very clever. I ended up picking up these gorgeous Karrimor Duma 2.

As I ran, I was incredibly conscious of how amazing my shoes felt. The cushioning is excellent and the shoes themselves are so lightweight. I felt like my feet were being cuddled by little clouds as I ran. My calves were beginning to feel a little tight around the ten-minute mark, but it eased off as I relaxed into a more natural pace.

This time, I ended up running all out for the final thirty seconds or so. My goal is to increase my pace for the full 60 seconds for the grand finale of week 7, which will likely happen on Wednesday evening. I was regretting not putting on those new shorts, though - I was boiling hot!! I think next time I will trust my weather app and brave exposing my pale legs to the great outdoors.

At this stage, I do feel like I have really got somewhere. I felt like I could have kept on going today, and I felt like I recovered during the walk in no time at all. I find it unbelievable that a plan of 9 weeks could get me to this stage!! Once again I thank all of you, graduates and newbies alike, for your kind words of encouragement and for your inspirational posts. I enjoy reading about people's successes, but also about their struggles - not in a good way, of course, but it's always reassuring knowing that other people have difficult runs, or get stitches, etc. Anyway, this forum is excellent and I know I'm posting an awful lot, but I can't get over how wonderful and helpful everyone is here - so thank you once again!! =]


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8 Replies

  • What a lovely post. Happy new shoes ☁ little clouds cuddling your feet made me giggle. I feel like I post a lot too but I just find this forum so supportive that I can't keep away!

    Well done on the run sounds like it's going fantastically and there'll be no stopping you in a those fancy new trainers!

  • It's great isn't it, seeing how quickly you make progress? I graduated in October but it still amazes me that I can run at all! I perhaps plateau for a bit or have had to succumb to the injury couch but then suddenly I Have a week when I feel fitter. I agree that this forum is the best! Everyone understands each others' journey and genuinely celebrates each others' achievements. There are not many forums like this one!

  • Couldn't agree more! I feel like other places would be too intimidating. This place is lovely!!

  • Well done! It's great to hear you are getting on so well. Nice new shoes - it can make such a difference :-)

  • Go you, with your cuddly cumulus!

    Back to work... ??? Children's education beckons...?

    But.. a great run under your belt... well done you!

    It is quite warm here in Staffordshire, but a hint of snow forecast for the weekend, so you will be glad to be home... where you can take those new trainers for more runs!

    Shorts...hmmm, still a bit too chilly maybe?

    Go you anyway...onwards and upwards! :)

  • Yep, back to work tomorrow. Fortunately I have a PPA to help ease me back in! At least this half-term is only 4 and a half weeks long... but I'm dreading going back in tomorrow!!

    I seriously love my new shoes, I had no idea that I'd ever feel this way about trainers, yet here I am!

  • Lovely post :) Gorgeous new shoes too! You most certainly are getting somewhere, you're doing marvellously and should be very proud of yourself. It is so satisfying, looking back to how we all were at Wk1 and what's been achieved :) You're so right about this forum too, I genuinely believe I might have quit on occasions, without the support and encouragement of everyone here. Love to read everyone's successes, somehow each individual's run feels like everyone's triumph and leaves you smiling. Keep it up... And keep right on posting! :) x

  • Keep on posting everybody! We all enjoy seeing how everyone's done and get quite nervous if someone doesn't post "on time". I love reading all the successes and it's a great feeling to think you've helped when someone's struggling and manages a run the next time. I'm certainly getting a lot of inspiration and motivation from here. I feel I know so many of you!

    I don't think you can post too much!

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