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Think I've burst my confident bubble

It was R1W3 today and it was awful, just like R1W1, I thought I was doing so well after a dodgy start finding it easier, but oh today not so good, the first 3 mins were difficult but the last I could hardly Finnish, I did though was very pleased with myself but it really makes me realise its going to get harder and I have no idea how I'm going to run more than I did today,

I've read other blogs on here and W3 isn't the sticky one its W5 so that just gets me down even more!!!!

Thought I'd got this sorted ??????

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Don't worry, I had this wobble too! :) I really struggled with the final run of week 3 so (having procrastinated for an entire week) I re-did the run. This satisfied me as I realized that I COULD run the full time even if I struggled a bit. Looking ahead to week 5 will only panic you, (it panics me and I'm halfway through it!) but if you can overcome this barrier and start week 4 you'll be on top of the world!! The confidence that this will instill in you will easily carry you through to week 5 and before you know it you'll have graduated and look back to week one wondering what all the fuss was about. Believe in yourself and you WILL make it! Somebody posted an excellent motivational quote on here a few days ago; I wrote it down to keep me going:

'Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough and soon to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself' - John Bingham

Best of luck and let us know how you get on!! :)


You've completed week 3, wow! Incredible. I envy you. I haven't even got going yet...


Having just completed week 3, I agree wholly with kirstymc, it really does give you a boost. I found that on the third run, although the first bit was tough, the last 3 minute run was fab and really felt that I could have gone on for longer. Keep going, it's worth it.


Well done! for getting to week 3 don't beat your self up. I haven't started yet either. xxx


Don't panic! I'm sure people are fed up of me saying this (sorry!), but it took me 50 runs rather than 27 to graduate. I repeated weeks until I felt comfortable to move on. And hey, you did finish! Why not have a go at the next one? Make sure that you are well-fueled, well-hydrated and that you take it slowly. But as so many people say, no run is a bad run, because you are doing more than if you were still sitting on the couch.

All the best, and let us know how you get on. You're doing brilliantly :)



Last week I couldn't understand how I would run 3 mins when I was only just managing to run 90 secs but I did what fellow c25k runners told me and slowed myself down. Yesterday I couldn't believe I did it and It wasn't that bad. So now I'm not worried about W5 even if it takes a while-I will get there and you will too-keep going X


Please - try to think about now and not tomorrow. You are on your current week and not weeks ahead - you don't know how you'll be in the future and you haven't built-up to those runs yet :-)

You DID do this one and on the day you felt it was a tough run - you may feel very different when it comes to the next time. Please try to begin R2 with an open mind, keep it slow and pace yourself.

If you really don't feel comfortable with W3; why not do W2 again and then move on?




I find all these blogs very interesting with most of the threads leading back to how the mind controls all our emotions, fears and insecurities which brings me to believe that if people learned to control their mind's thoughts and just, in relation to this website,follow the programme then they would have no problem.

I have said on C25K before that we don't know at anytime what we can achieve so why keep fretting about it, just do it!!

I should say that this is not aimed at you Souki or anyone in particular but us as a group we should be more mentally strong.


Hmmm.. tend to agree, but I think all of us (?) need the reassurance that others are in the same boat and going through similar emotions, maybe worse or not quite as bad. On the other hand, talking about the thrill of your own personal achievement is powerful and liberating and a celebration that we can all share.


And I tend to agree with your comments, I suppose it's getting the right balance and mind and emotion. As you say celebrating the achievements can be powerful and encourage others but obviously that does not include dwelling on some of the negatives.


I agree with lots of the advice given here (especially about slowing down) but also understand that you can't help looking ahead.

I found the runs better and better as I progressed through the programme. Once over the initial shock of this, I realised that it was because the longer runs allowed me to get into a rhythm and feel like a runner. I've read quite a few posts on here in which runners have bemoaned the interval run that comes at (I think) the end of week 6 because they are in the swing of the longer runs by then. It seems to just happen so the notion of not trying to analyse it and just getting on with it seems to be pretty sound.

There are also lots of posts by people who say they had never imagined themselves being able to run any distance. I found week 1 tough, back in October, but I've graduated by running slowly and am now working on getting 5k down to 30 minutes. Sorry if that comes across as being a bit me, me me...I just know, like most of us who are on or have completed the programme, that some days it's cr*p; some days it's great. I was dreading this morning's run, after the last one, but I loved it. We all have peaks and troughs.

I also think that not feeling confident about something makes actually doing that thing even more of an achievement.

Seems you can't lose. Good luck! :)


Have to agree with the points made above, I am struggling with week 5, the long run at the moment but then I struggled with week 3 and week 4 and just kept repeating them until I completed them. I didn't expect it to be easy and it isn't but the longer distances do get better and you will make progress - just keep at it!


the point is, you DID it! YOU DID IT! :-D

Hard or easy, you achieved what you set out to achieve. Sometimes the run will feel 'easy' and sometimes it will see really 'hard', but the key is to continue and achieve each milestone. Don't worry about week 5, the work you will do next week will more than adequately prepare you for it.

If you are really struggling on your runs, then you are probably either going to fast (really slow down to a jog that is no faster than you could briskly walk, if need be) or you are not breathing well. Concentrate on your breath and running slowly and you will do it. The programme really works, trust it, and trust yourself.

Good luck!



If in doubt, slow down! You *can* graduate at a speed that can be overtaken by a walker!


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