Struggling with W4R1

So I started a month ago, awkward time with Xmas in the middle & I missed a few runs, so on W3 I completed week 3, then did another W3 as I wasn't ready for W4, today I did W4R1 & wow that was a struggle the 5min run was too much, I was in a fair bit of pain if I'm honest.

Since starting I've been to get my gait measured & ive got some new running shoes, this was meant to help me get motivated on the running in the new year but as I'm so overweight (19st) the doubts are creeping in, I'm self employed so the last thing I need is an injury.

I'm thinking of doing another week of W3 before moving up to W4 is that a good idea?thanks!


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12 Replies

  • It is your programme. You decide what is best for you :-)

    If you feel like doing week 3 again, go for it!

  • I did week 3 twice because I really struggled with the 3 minute runs and knew I couldn't face week 4 straight off. Looking back I think I was probably physically 'able' but I was too unsure of myself. A couple of weeks later I slowed my pace right down (I was nearly jogging on the spot) but that really helped with pacing.

    Do whatever feels right for you. Try slowing it down as well. There is no such thing as too slow and the last thing you want is an injury or to demotivate yourself simply because your going too fast.

    Have fun whatever you do and good luck. :)

  • For me, the answer was: yes. I'm also quite big and I took 2 weeks to do each of weeks 4,5&6. Weeks 7,8&9 become easier!

  • I would repeat week 3 until it feels easy. You will feel ready to progress on to week 4 then. I had to do week 3 twice and took about 4 weeks to get past week 4. I found the key was moving from treadmill to outdoor jogging as this allowed me to go at a natural pace, which turned out to just be slower but sustainable. Good luck!

  • Slow, slower and even more slowly!!! As McFitty says... you cannot go too slowly. Just don't stop!

    Take the week again, and be kind to your are doing wonderfully... well done!

    On your rest days, try some of the Strength and Flex exercises too, they are pretty useful, for building you up a little?

    This is your journey, do it your way and take, as long as you need... healthy eating and exercise... a great combination :) I will watch for your post x

  • I really struggled with week 4 and I think that is where I had the revelation that I could slow down, I'd been running far too fast up until that point.

  • Looks like the answer is stick to W3 R2 & 3 this week & then try W4 next week again at a slower pace.

    Thanks all!

  • Yes, I think you should repeat one or two W3 but when you get to W4, slow and slow and slower still, no need to rush this :)

  • nothing wrong with repeating weeks but don't be afraid to try moving on

  • I decided to build up more gradually from week 3 to 4, so having done week 3 twice, I then did another week (or more, can't remember now!) in which I ran an extra 30-60s at the end of each run interval. Then once I was heartily fed up with the week 3 podcast, I moved on to the week 4 podcast, but stopped running a bit before the end of the longer run intervals. So I was building up the running, but without the sudden leap in time.

  • The jump between Week 3 and 4 is the biggest in the programme. If you have completed the run then you should be fine to move on to the next one but if you think mentally it will do your confidence good to repeat a week then that's ok too! Remember to slow down if you're struggling. If I wanted to stop I just used to make a conscious effort to think to myself 'slow, slow, slow' and it used to get me through (still do to be honest!).

    FYI it's compulsory to post a photo of your new running shoes on the forum! :)

  • I went back to W3R2 on Wednesday as it's such a struggle & I really don't want an injury, my calves are the only thing holding me Back, they are pinching up to the point of me nearly stopping, anyone else had this?

    I stretch properly after each run for plenty of time

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