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New Shoes


Having settled into the whole C25K thing and being on W3, I decided it was time to invest in some proper running shoes instead of the ropey old trainers that I had been using.

I visited Fit2Run in Abingdon just south of Oxford and they couldn't have been more helpful. They did the whole gait analysis and let me try out numerous pairs of shoes on the treadmill, videoing each one so I could compare them.

I had been a bit intimidated at the idea of going into a proper running shop, but they were really friendly, and not at all pushy.

I came away with a pair of Mizuno Wave Paradox 3, which I'm very happy with. So comfortable and SO light compared to my tatty old pair.

Can't wait for tomorrows run now :-)

And of course, the obligatory photo..................

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Wow, they look fantastic. I'm sure they'll make a big difference to your running. 👟

Hope the run goes well tomorrow with your new "feet". :-)


Hi Sarah1703 - wow those really are running shoes - they look as if they come equipped with wings and can transform you into a flying Greek goddess. Maybe I need to do the same and ditch the old trainers: never been into a running shop, always thought they were places for other people. Thought you'd like to know that I've just managed W3R2, still hard work but slightly easier than last time round, I guess because this time I knew that I actually could do it. So that's the run done, the wardrobe is still work-in-progress! W3R3 targetted for Saturday this week.


I was exactly the same about going into a proper shop, but they were actually very friendly and didn't laugh and point at all!! Once I'd got over the fact that the gait analysis involved my back view being videoed while I was running - you couldn't get much further from a a flying Greek goddess.

I shall report on who they feel tomorrow morning. I'm wearing them at work this afternoon, as recommended. The big thing for me is that I can't get over how light they are.


Great photo ! What am I saying ?? Until I started doing C25K I never discussed shoes never mind taking photos of them ! I just hope my friends don't find out !!

You were right I went to get gait analysis and decent running shoes and was well worth it ! Apparently they also are luminous and light up in the dark !!

Even got tips on how to tie laces, do lace lock and other stuff.

I was more worried about treadmill. I had never used one and had seen so many videos of people sliding off them.

I have slightly wider than average feet and got a great pair with width and flexibility to give a snug fit and definitely make a difference.

Happy running.

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What the heck is lace lock? That sounds vaguely painful!

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No it's not anything to do with wrestling. If you google lace lock or tying laces on trainers you can get some utube videos. Tying laces for wide feet.

This forum has now turned me into a shoe geek !

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Since tying my laces at all is a bit of a challenge before an early morning run, I might give that a miss!

I have yet to venture into the world of gait analysis etc. I bought a cheapish pair of running shoes when I began and they are holding out well so far. I am just hoping they last until my next birthday!

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We didn't talk about tying laces, but we did have a chat about running socks. It's a whole new world of retail therapy to explore!

Intrigued about lace lock too.............

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If you google lace lock or tying laces on trainers you can get some utube videos. Tying laces for wide feet also. !


Lace locking is where that extra lace hole is used to give a more secure fit stopping the foot moving around in the shoe..


Oooh they're fab !

Ive got Mizunos too , love 'em !

I was exactly the same when I went to get mine. I was really nervous.

Especially when I saw all the assistants were young lads, but they were really lovely to me and couldnt help me enough :-) xxx


Lovely :-)

Very nice, Sarah.

Can you see the potential that I can?


Noo bloo shoos! Very bloo! me likey!

I know :-)

I had promised myself that I wouldn't buy shoes based on colour, but fortunately the ones that were the best fit, most supportive and super comfortable also happened to be available in the rather lovely bluey turquoise which would have been my first colour choice.


Love the colour! I am looking forward to getting a gait analysis in January then hoping to get shoes in the sales (Xmas present from hubby!). I have been running for a year now on a borrowed pair so think I deserve my very own pair! Best of luck with the programme - it is brilliant. :)

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Thank you. The gait analysis was fascinating. So interesting to be able to watch the video and see how much difference different shoes make.


Gorgeous new shoes! 😋 yummy

You will find they put a spring in your step. Happy running ☺


Wow they look fast!

I have lace locked for a couple of years now.

Lacelock and double knot.

Not had a problem with loose shoes or laces coming undone since I started doing it.


Perfect for running to the blue horizon! :)

Wishing you many happy miles in them :)

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