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Rubbish week, repeating W2R3

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Hi everyone,

Been scouring the blogs for inspiration but nobody can help me with the getting up out of cosy bed bit. The naff music behind Laura isn't a patch on the naffness of the ghastly alarm jingle on my phone so, I've decided to put it on and leave it on the landing - surely that would get me up and off?

Did W2R3 on Tuesday. That was the day I helped to dismantle a greenhouse with a friend of mine. Should have done S&F 2 on Wednesday but was so totally washed out and utterly exhausted that it didn't happen. Still far too tired and felt very unwell for starting W3 on Thursday. Decided to do W2R3 again today to catch up from lost days. Managed to do all the runs properly but the 5 minute cool down 'brisk walk' was nothing off the sort - more a very slow drag! My whole body is still aching from lifting acres of glass on Tuesday and I do feel pretty delicate across my back.

Feel I've got it all a bit muddled - and would LOVE some feel good factor. Not sure I can face W3 on Sunday! Trouble is I don't particularly enjoy the running.

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:-) :-) Smile! You want to know a secret? I don't enjoy it either! :-) BUT, I do enjoy my gained fitness level and the sense of achievement I have after a run. I started not running some of my 1 minutes to now knowing I can run a continuous 1.5 hours. The C25K program was a challenge for me the entire time, but I can also say with confidence, I never regretted completing it. Just keep moving, one foot in front of the other. Believe in yourself and you will start to amaze yourself. :-) Gayle

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Beek .. I hate running too, but I also love what it has done for me .. I feel so much fitter and I can now run for 25 minutes .. I am running to keep me healthier for longer as I hit 40 4 years ago and only now realise how c**p I was feeling!

I do run in the evening, so no worries about getting up to do it, and I have a rest day in between ... non of this S&F or greenhouse moving .. sounds like a busy life :(

As for the music ... embrace it :) ...and wait till you get You, me and Julie ..and as for 'I have both feet on the ground' should have been in the charts!!

Take care of yourself

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Thank you for your encouragement. I'm a bit out of sorts today and not enjoying any of this yet! Pleased to know not everyone actually enjoys it - thank you for the support!

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Thank you amsjo and gdeann for your encouragement. I am a beekeeper (guess that from the name?) and need to fitten myself up a bit to be able to lift the hives around! I will look forward to feeling stronger in time. It's just everyone on here keeps saying how well they feel and I guess I had hoped to be feeling that a bit by now. I will keep slow and steady for a bit longer! Thank you for the post. This site really does help a lot!

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gdeannGraduate in reply to Beek

What a fascinating profession! :-) You will start to feel more confident as you progress and then you will start to see your fitness improve. Give it time and you will be greatly rewarded. Whenever you feel the need, we are here to encourage, motivate and share with you. :-)

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Thank you for your kind support gdeann, I feel very much need it right now! This community is so kind and inspirational!

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The good feelings bit does come and go, and it's a bit tough when it does the go bit. But - the good bits are worth the wait. Be kind to yourself while you're waiting though, and don't be down on yourself for not feeling good yet! If that makes sense? :)

Bee keeping is cool. My grandad used to keep bees - fond memories! :)

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Thank you greenlegs! I remember you saying start slowly at first. I will do that and gradually get going! I love the beekeeping, although it takes up a lot of my time. One day I may 'love' running too! One can always hope! Going to try W3R1 on Sunday!

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Hi there Beek, sorry to hear you're struggling. Don't give up the bees need you! Think of the goal you've set yourself and know you'll get there... Eventually! Just think every time you run inc repetitions and the tough ones are helping you reach your goal. Will think of you on Sunday... Good Luck Kate

Enjoy the time as 'you' time. No one can get to you, you can't answer the phone, it is 30 mins just for you. When you run (or huff and puff like I do) plan your next holiday, decide what you are going to do on your next day off, day dream, look at all the blossom just waiting for your bees, try and think about something other than the running, I find this helps.

We are at about the same stage, we are about to hit one third of the way through already, how fab is that??? How amazing are you for having got this far??

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Hi there. We run after work cos were not morning people! I've always hated pe etc but am getting addicted to this lark (wk 6!). And a beekeeper? So impressed! Do you know effie izzards stuff? Covered in bees!

Hi there Beek, I really feel for you - we're doing this to feel good so it doesn't seem right to feel bad about it. One thing I would suggest is you give yourself an extra day or two of rest to recover and feel better before you try to run again especially if you're worried another "bad" run might put you off continuing. As long as the break between two runs isn't too big (more than a week), you shouldn't lose any fitness you've gained so far.

It may give you a more poitive experience when you run feeling a bit better and more likely that you'll continue.

As for running in the morning - euch! That's just not right!!!! I went out at 8pm the other night and loved it. Just try changing things around a little if what you are doing isn't working for you.

Best of luck and feel better soon. I can't think of a better incentive for running than to get away from bees (a bit phobic I'm afraid!) hahaha

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BeekGraduate in reply to amireallydoingthis

Hi amireallydoingthis! Today I went out for S&F1/2 and enjoyed being outside. I haven't factored in all the extra laundry - came back all clarted up! But I did enjoy it and that is a first! Thank you for the encouragement! (My pet hate is dogs - they terrify me!)

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I could give that one a try. I find it tricky working runs in with meals so that's why I never gave evening runs a thought. The lighter nights are really lovely so I will give it a go! Thank you for the encouragement!

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Hi Beek, good to see you back on the Blog :-) I thought dismantling the greenhouse might prove tough after your run....... I will do my wk3 run3 tomorrow, the week 3 music is gentler and so is the pace - don't be frightened Beek. I found it easier than week 2.

Have you got yourself a proper pair of trainers? Remember too to take it gently we have a long way to go to 7K - we've only just got off the couch ;-)

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BeekGraduate in reply to Hidden

Hi Purbrookian! Nice to hear from you. I've just got back from S&F1/2 done in the cold and rain but without the biting cold wind. W3R1 tomorrow morning. I overdid things earlier in the week but starting to feel better again now. Thanks for the info about the gentler pace. I am looking forward to going out already - and that is a first! Today when it was time to set off home I did enjoy some satisfaction that I got myself out today. I did have to smile though when Laura said I would be doing pressups by the end of the programme. Having never ever been able to lift myself up on bars or do pressups at all - it will be a MIRACLE if she can get me there! Thank you for your post and encouragement.

Good luck tomorrow, I'll think about you too and that will spur me on!

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